Within Teamwork Desk, user permissions and access vary for the different user types on your site.

The actions you can perform across your site are based on your agent or admin type as well as some site-wide agent permissions.

Note: Part-time agents are limited to replying to 10 unique tickets in any 30-day period. This limit resets back to 10 tickets 30 days from when their first reply is sent.

Part-time agent 
Full-time agent
Site admin
Create tickets & replies

   - Edit tickets & replies *

   - Delete tickets & replies *

   - Restore deleted tickets **

Merge tickets

Split tickets

Print tickets

Copy link to a reply

Forward a ticket thread or reply

Show original

Add notes

   - Edit notes *

   - Delete notes *

Add followers

Log time on tickets

Canned responses
Create canned responses

   - Manage canned responses *

   - Delete canned responses *

Apply canned responses to a ticket

Save a ticket reply as a canned response

Create tags *

Manage tags *

Apply tags to tickets

Create triggers ***

   - Manage triggers per inbox

   - Manage triggers at site level

   - Delete triggers

   - Share triggers with other inboxes

Apply manual triggers to tickets

Create inboxes

Manage inboxes

 - Inbox permissions

 - Auto reply

 - Canned responses

 - Triggers

 - Ticket templates

Delete inboxes

Create smart inboxes

   - Manage smart inboxes

View customers

   - Create & manage customers 

View companies

   - Create & manage companies

   - Add customers to companies

View agents

   - Invite & manage agents

   - View agent performance & activity

Training Wheels
Enable or disable Training Wheels for your site

   - Set agents to in training

        - Set review percentage

        - Set training inboxes

  - Set agent to review tickets   

View tickets sent for review ****

  - Review, edit, request changes, and approve ****

Help Docs
Create sites

   - Clone 

   - Delete 

Manage sites

   - Categories

   - Appearance

   - Settings 

View articles

Create articles

    - Apply categories

   - Add related articles

   - Add keywords

   - Manage revisions

   - Delete articles

* These edit, delete, and manage actions relating to tickets, notes, canned responses, tags, and ticket templates are controlled by site-wide agent permission settings.

** Agents can access the Trash once they are an inbox admin on at least one inbox, however only tickets deleted from those inboxes where they are an admin will be visible and restorable for them.

*** Inbox administrators can only manage triggers for inboxes where they are an admin. They cannot delete triggers that have been shared with inboxes where they are not an admin.

**** The ability to view and review Training Wheels tickets is dependent on a site admin enabling permission for the agent to review tickets. The Training Wheels feature is available on Premium subscriptions and above.

The areas accessible to you within your Teamwork Desk site will also be determined by your agent type and permissions.

  • Any areas detailing ticket and inbox information will only show you information relating to inboxes you have permission to access.
  • Site administrators will always have access to information across all inboxes and site areas.
Access Areas 
Part-time agent
Full-time agent
Site level

   - Summary

   - Activity

   - Insights


   - Trash

Help Docs

    - Individual sites

    - Articles

    - Categories

    - Appearance

    - Settings


    - Agents

    - Customers

    - Companies


    - Site settings

    - Spam control

    - Ticket sources

    - Ticket types

    - Ticket statuses

    - Ticket templates *

    - Custom fields

    - Triggers

    - Import data

    - Import history

    - Export data

    - Webhooks

    - Time tracking

    - Integrations

    - Business hours

    - Advanced security

Inboxes **

Customer Portal

Tags *



* Agent access to the Ticket Templates and Tags tabs of the site settings is controlled by the site-wide agent permission for managing ticket templates.

** The Inboxes tab of the site settings becomes visible to agents if the site-wide agent permission for managing canned responses is enabled. It becomes visible if an agent is an inbox administrator on at least one inbox.

For more information, see: Permissions - An Overview