Within Teamwork Desk, you can view and manage your agents via the site-level People area.

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Select the Agents subsection in the People area to view a list of your current agents.

Note: By default, archived agents will not be displayed. You can use the filter options to include them in this view.

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The agents will be displayed in a list view and include their profile image, name, agent type, and permission level. You can also see their job title and contact details. 

Clicking an agent's name will bring you to their profile details view.

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Above the list of agents, you can use the quick search field to search for a specific agent, either by name or email address.

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The results count below the quick search field will show the total count of agents on your site by default. The count will updated to reflect any search term or filters applied.

At the bottom of the Agents tab, you can page through the results list using the arrows to go to the next page of results. Alternatively, you can select a specific page number to view or choose the first or last page options.

Managing agents

You can quickly manage an agent by hovering over the relevant person and clicking the settings cog on the right.

Note: You cannot edit details or manage permissions relating to archived agents.

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In the pop-up menu, you can update:

  • Agent type
  • Administrator permission
  • Training Wheels permissions
    • Can review tickets - allow the agent to review tickets submitted for review by agents in training.
    • Is in training - enroll the agent in training so that some or all of their tickets are submitted for review.
      • Percentage - set a percentage of the agent's tickets that should be reviewed.
      • Training inboxes - set the agent to in training for all inboxes or a specific subset.
    • Note: The Training Wheels feature is available on Premium subscriptions and above.


To filter the list of agents, select the filters icon in the top right.

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A filter pane will open to the right of the agents list where you can filter by:

  • Joined - view only agents who joined your Teamwork Desk site within a certain timeframe.
  • Type - show full-time, part-time, archived agents.
    • When archived agents are selected to be included, they will be displayed greyed out in the list of agents.
  • Permissions - view agents based on their profile permissions.
  • Inbox access - view only agents with access to certain inboxes.

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Managing columns

To the right of the column headings for the agents list, you can click the column options icon to choose which associated columns you want to view.

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Inviting agents

In the top right corner of the Agents area, you can use the Invite Agents button to add one or multiple agents to your site.

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A modal will open, allowing you to input the agents' names, email addresses, agent type, and permission level.

For more information, see: Adding Agents to Your Site