Within Teamwork Desk, you can use Training Wheels as a review system for ticket replies sent by your agents.

Note: Training Wheels is available on the Premium plan and above.

For each agent enrolled in Training Wheels, you can set a corresponding percentage of their tickets you want to be reviewed.

The tickets chosen for review are selected by Teamwork Desk on a randomized basis.

The agent will only be alerted that a ticket has been chosen for review once they click send on their reply.

Understanding the basics 

  • Agents can be:
    • Given permission to review tickets
    • Enrolled in Training Wheels for all inboxes they have access to or for a specific subset.
  • Administrators can always review tickets
  • Administrators cannot be enrolled in Training Wheels
Note: Agents cannot be in training and review tickets at the same time.

Enabling Training Wheels for your site 

To enable Training Wheels for your Teamwork Desk site, click your profile icon and select Settings from the dropdown menu.

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In the settings area, go to the General tab and select the Site settings subsection from the left sidebar.

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You will see an option for Training Wheels. Toggle it on (green) to enable the feature for your site.

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When training wheels is enabled, an overview panel will also be displayed in your site's Home area, showing a count of tickets currently needing review or with requested changes.

  • Only administrators, reviewers, and agents in training can see this panel.
    • Administrators and reviewers will see a count of all matching tickets.
    • Agents in training will only see figures for their own tickets.
  • If Training Wheels is disabled for your site, the panel will be hidden for everyone.

Enrolling an agent in Training Wheels

Once the feature has been enabled at site level, you can enroll agents on an individual basis via their profile permissions.

In the People area of your site, select the Agents tab.

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From the list of agents, click the name of the agent you want to enroll to open their profile.

Select the Edit Profile option in the top right corner of the agent's profile view.

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Below the agent permissions, you will see a section for Training Wheels. Here you can choose from two options:

  • Can review tickets - allow the agent to become a reviewer of other agents' tickets:
    • Only agents with this permission enabled and administrators can review tickets.
    • Agents with the review permission cannot be in training at the same time.
  • In training - enroll the agent in the Training Wheels review process:
    • Once enabled, you can choose a percentage of the agent's tickets you want to be selected for review.
      • This will be set to 100% by default. When a lower percentage is set, a randomized selection of tickets will be held for review.
      • Note: Replies to tickets, new tickets created, and forwarded messages are all included reviewed.
    • You can also choose whether the agent should be in training across all of their inboxes or only for specific ones.
    • Agents in training cannot have permission to review tickets at the same time.

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For more information, see: Managing Training Wheels Permissions