Within Teamwork Desk, you can choose to invite new agents and provide them with full or part-time agent roles.

You can find our current per user pricing for agents on our pricing page.

Note: On the Starter subscription plan, the 10 agent limit refers to full-time agents. There is no limit on part-time agents.

A full-time agent is someone you pay for and they can answer unlimited tickets. A part-time agent is free and can reply to up to 10 tickets in a 30 day period.

A part-time agent can do everything a full-time agent can do, except for the number of replies they can send.

  • You can add an unlimited number of part-time agents.
  • You can change a person's role at any time from an agent to a part-time agent or vice-versa from the User Settings section.
  • The ticket limit will reset back to 10 tickets 30 days from when the agent's first reply was sent.
  • Limited to replying to 10 unique tickets in any 30-day period. This limit will reset back to 10 tickets 30 days from when their first reply is sent.
A part-time agent's role will never be changed to an agent role automatically. You are in total control of managing your people.

This is a powerful feature that will allow you to include your whole team in collaboration on tickets, without increasing your costs.

Note: Agents who have not yet accepted their invite cannot have anything assigned to them, be added to triggers, or be added as a follower on tickets.