Within Teamwork Desk, you can view and manage all of your team's tickets in the main Tickets area.

📝 This page relates to the Classic Desk navigation experience. In Teamwork Desk's navigation redesign, currently in early release, smart inboxes are now called custom views.

Select the Tickets tab from the main navigation bar at the top of your site.

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In the left pane you will see a list of the inboxes on your Teamwork Desk site that you have permission to access. There are also sections for Smart Inboxes, Starred Inboxes, and My Tickets.

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There are various tickets statuses that you will see within these inboxes:

  • New – These are tickets that are new and haven’t been responded to yet.
  • Assigned – These are tickets that have been assigned to other users.
  • Waiting on customer – You’ve done your part, now you’re waiting on a reply from the customer. This shows you how many tickets are currently waiting on a reply.
  • On-hold – Shows the current number of tickets that are on hold. You can place a ticket on hold in the event that you need to do something for a customer.
  • Solved – These are tickets that are marked as solved. Once a ticket has been marked as solved, the customer will then get a happiness rating widget to let you know how you did.
  • Closed – These are tickets that are marked as closed. Sometimes a customer may just be dropping you a line of thanks or feedback which doesn’t require you to do anything (except maybe say "thanks"). There is no need to mark these tickets as solved, so mark them closed.
  • Spam – From time to time, spam may end up in your inbox. You don’t need those, so do the right thing and mark these tickets as spam. 
  • Custom - If you have any custom statuses set up, and those statuses are currently in use on tickets, you will also see subsections for each of those statuses.

You can expand and shrink the left navigation pane by dragging the right side of the pane to a new position. Using the arrow at the top of the pane, you can also collapse the pane completely.

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📝 In Teamwork Desk's navigation redesign, currently in early release, the status groups have moved to a secondary horizontal navigation for Starred Inboxes, My Tickets, Custom Views (aka smart inboxes), Individual inboxes, and Training Wheels.

Previewing tickets

When viewing a list of tickets in any of the inbox subsections of the Tickets area, you can quickly preview individual tickets.

Hover over the relevant ticket and click the preview icon to the right of the ticket subject. A quick view will open on the right with the individual ticket thread.

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Creating a new ticket in an inbox

You can create a new ticket directly from the Tickets area of your site. In the top right corner, click the Add New button menu and select New Ticket from the dropdown. 

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Alternatively, expand one of the inboxes in the left navigation pane and click the Add ticket option.

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For more information, see: Creating a New Ticket or Message