Within Teamwork Desk, you can use third party forwarding to connect your third party vendors into a ticket without giving them direct contact to your customers.

Forwarding exceptions

Tickets cannot be forwarded to email addresses that are already being used as inbox addresses in your Desk site as this would create a duplicate of the ticket in multiple inboxes. It is also not possible to forward tickets to addresses that are already being used as a Desk alias. 

As an alternative to forwarding a Desk ticket, you may consider:

Forwarding a ticket

When you are viewing a ticket you will see a third tab called Forward where you can add in the e-mail address of the third party that you wish to send the ticket to, then type your message as you normally would.

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When you send out the ticket, the recipient will receive the ticket along with all of the previous messages in the thread unless you check the Exclude ticket history option before sending. 

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When the vendor replies to the email, your customer will not be notified and the message will appear in your Teamwork Desk account as a note. Notes are never visible to the customer.

Ticket limits and attachments

  • Ticket sizes are limited to 25MB.
  • Total attachment size for a ticket is limited to 20MB.
    • Most file types are supported in ticket attachments as long as they fall within the 20MB total attachment limit for the ticket.
  • Attachments from previous messages in the ticket will be added as links into the body of the message. These files will be available download by anyone with the link and expire after 30 days.

Email signature

For inboxes that have an email signature enabled, the signature will be included by default when forwarding a ticket. 

You can view the signature using the three dots to expand the hidden content. 

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Responses to forwarded messages

When a third party replies to a message forwarded from Teamwork Desk, their response will be added as a blue note on the source ticket.

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At the top of the note, you will see a reference to the response being to a forwarded ticket.

Advanced security restrictions

If the private notifications option is enabled in your Advanced Security settings, forwarding will be disabled for all tickets on your site.

Note: This advanced security feature is only available on Premium and Enterprise subscriptions.

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For more information, see: Creating a New Ticket or Message