Within Teamwork Desk, you can customize the site-level settings for your account. 

Click your profile icon to the top right of the navigation bar and choose Settings from the dropdown.

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Go to the General tab and select Site Settings from the left navigation menu. 

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General Settings 

  • Site name - hover over your site name to reveal the edit pencil icon.
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  • Site address - to update your site address, use the Go there now link to Teamwork. 
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  • Agent permissions:
    • Agent can delete notes, messages, and tickets
    • Agent can edit notes, messages, and tickets
    • Agent can manage canned responses
    • Agent can manage tags
  • Enable "on-hold" status - you will need to perform an action internally before getting back to the customer.
  • Auto close old tickets - tickets that are in waiting status for 72 hours or more will be automatically closed.
  • Default customer avatar - choose from a selection of default avatars for your new users.
  • Company time-zone - choose the time-zone for all users on Desk.

Message Settings

  • Trust customer images - automatically hide images included by customers.
  • Quote previous message - include previous message in your reply.
  • Open tracking - you will see when a customer has opened and viewed your message.
  • Include ticket ID - ticket number will display in the subject line of the reply to the customer.
  • Detect Manual Forwards - allows Desk to detect the original sender for any emails manually forwarded by an agent.

Default Settings

  • Set your timezone and preferred time format.
  • Set your preferred text editor, HTML or Markdown.
For more information, see: Permissions - An Overview