Within Teamwork Desk, the People area allows you to view and manage the agents, customers, and companies on your site.

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Agents are considered to be the people using your Teamwork Desk account to manage your incoming tickets, Customer Portal, or Help Docs sites.

When adding a new agent to your site, you can choose from two agent types:

  • Full-time:
    • Paid agents - count as part of your Teamwork Desk subscription
    • Can answer unlimited tickets
  • Part-time:
    • Free agents
    • Limited to replying to 10 unique tickets in a 30-day period. This limit will reset back to 10 tickets 30 days from when their first reply is sent.

Both full-time and part-time agents can be given administrator permissions. Administrators can manage:

  • Site settings
  • Customer Portal
  • Help Docs


Customers are the individuals you correspond with via Teamwork Desk.

Each time a new customer sends an email to one of your inboxes, a customer profile is created for them. You can save customer details such as name, email address, phone, company, address, and website.

You can group certain customers together by adding them to a company.

The Customer Portal can also be enabled on a per-customer basis.


You can manage your customers by grouping them into different companies. This can be done manually, or automatically based on email domains.

For each company, you can see a reporting overview, company members, and associated tickets.

For more information, see: Adding Agents to Your Site