Within Teamwork Desk, you can create a ticket or message for a customer who may have contacted you via other other means such as phone or chat.

Creating a ticket for a customer is helpful for you to keep track of issues that may not originate from a ticket. It also helps the customer as they do not need to send the information again after providing it previously.

The two new ticket options available are:

  • Create Ticket - Create a new ticket on behalf of the customer, without notifying the customer.
    • This will create a ticket as if it has been sent by the customer.
  • Send Message - Send a message to the customer.
    • This will create a ticket where the initial message is from the agent to the customer.
    • The agent's signature will be included in the initial message.
To create a new ticket or message, select the Tickets tab at the top of your Desk site.

Select the inbox that you want to create the ticket in and you will then see a + New Ticket option.

When you have selected this you will have the option to choose between creating a ticket or message for the customer.

There are various fields to enter when creating the ticket or message as below.

Customer email: Who the ticket/message is being created for.

Subject: Ticket/message subject that will be shown in the inbox.

Editor: You can enter the ticket details here.

Inbox: Which inbox it will be created in.

Type: Which type of issue it is:

  • Problem
  • Question
  • Request
  • Unspecified
  • Custom
Source: Where the information for the ticket is being received from:

  • Docs 
  • Email
  • Email (manual)
  • Phone
  • Custom
Status: Set the status of the ticket here. This will apply when the ticket is created in the inbox.

Assigned to: You can choose to assign this directly to one of your desk agents or leave it for anyone to pick up.

Tags: Add a tag to help identify the ticket easier.

Once you enter the information, select Create Ticket or Send Message.