Within Teamwork Desk, you can use categories to group your help articles into easy-to-navigate locations.

Note: Only administrators on your site can manage categories for help docs.

To add a new category, go to the Help Docs area at the top of your site.

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Choose the site you want to manage from the list of existing sites. When viewing the individual site, select the Categories tab.

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To add a new category, select Add Category in the upper right corner.

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In the category modal, you can fill out the details for the new category.

  • Category Name - choose a name for the category
  • Nest Category Under - make it a top level category or choose to nest it under an existing category
    • Note: Category nesting can be a maximum of three levels deep including the top-level category.
  • Show on homepage - include it as one of the categories displayed on the Help Docs site homepage
  • Slug - add a custom slug (the final part of the URL that represents the article). If left blank, the article title will be used.
    • e.g. if the slug is “passwords” then the page URL might be yoursite.helpdocs.com/passwords
  • Old URL - include a link to an older version of the content so readers will be redirected to the new page.

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Select Add Category to create the category.

To quickly create a subcategory, select the folder icon to the right of the relevant top level category when viewing the Help Docs site's Categories tab.

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Alternatively, select Add Category at the top of the page and specify the parent category in the Nest Category Under field.

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Editing an existing category

To edit an existing category, click the pencil icon to the right of the category name in the Categories tab.

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In the Edit Category modal, you can update the details of the category.

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Deleting a category

To delete an existing category, click the trash can icon to the right of the category name in the Categories list.

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Categories and subcategories cannot be deleted while they still contain articles.

  • Any articles will first need to be assigned to a different category.
Parent categories cannot be deleted while they still contain subcategories.

  • You will first need to delete the subcategories, or move them to another location in your category structure, by editing the Nest category under option.

Reordering help docs categories

You can reorder the categories for your Help Docs site to customize how they appear in your live site.

While viewing the relevant site in your Teamwork Desk account, select the Categories subsection.
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Hover over a category in the list to reveal the move icon on the left. Click and drag the category to a new position in the list.

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You can also quickly make a category a subcategory of another. While clicking and dragging, hover the category over another to reveal a highlighted box. Once you drop the category, it will become nested within the other.

  • Dragging an existing subcategory out of its current position into the main top level list will make it a top level category. 

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Understanding categories

Articles will only appear in categories to which they have been explicitly added.

If you add an article to a subcategory but do not include it in the top level category, the article will not be displayed when you view that top level category in Teamwork Desk, or if a customer views that category on your live site.

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Categories will only be displayed on the homepage of your Help Docs site if they:

  • Have the Show on homepage toggle enabled
  • Contain published articles
For more information, see: Creating a Help Docs Article