Within Teamwork Desk, your agents will have access to different aspects of your site depending on their permission level.

There are two core permission levels in Teamwork Desk:

  • Agent - full-time or part-time
  • Site administrator

In the Agents subsection of the People area of your site, you will see a label below each agent's name indicating their agent type and permission. Site administrators will also have an orange key icon beside the Admin label.

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Basic agent access includes:

  • Dashboard - agents will see metrics and ticket counts relating to the inboxes where they are a member.
  • Tickets - agents can view and interact with tickets across all of the inboxes where they are a member.
  • Reports - agents can only see reports for the inboxes have access to.
  • People
    • Customers - agents can view customers and their profiles as well as create new customers.
      • Note: Agents cannot add customers to a company.
    • Companies - agents can view companies and their profiles.
      • Note: Agents cannot manage companies or create new ones.

In the site settings, site administrators can grant additional permissions to agents. These permissions will apply to all agents on the site:

  • Can delete notes, messages, and tickets
  • Can edit notes, messages, and tickets
  • Can manage canned responses
  • Can manage tags
  • Can manage ticket templates

Note: Enabling either of the permissions to allow agents to manage canned responses or tags will give agents access to the site settings area but they will only have access to those specific areas.

Site administrators

Site administrators have full access to all areas within your Teamwork Desk account. 

  • Settings - all administrators can access the site settings under their profile menu.
    • When the site-level permissions for agents to manage canned responses and/or manage tags, agents will also see the Settings option, but will only have access to those specific sections. 
  • Company Details - administrators can view and edit your company details.
  • Reporting - administrators can view reports for all inboxes on your site.
  • Users - administrators can add new agents to your site.
  • Inboxes - administrators can create new inboxes and access all existing inboxes on your site.
  • Companies - administrators can create and edit companies and add customers to them.

Inbox administrators

On Premium subscription plans and above, an additional permission option is the ability to grant agents administrator permissions for individual inboxes.

As an inbox administrator, an agent will be able to view and manage all settings relating to that individual inbox when they access the inbox via the site settings: