Within Teamwork Desk, you can create and reply to tickets using the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) ticket editor.

To the top right, you will have an option to delete or save the current draft you have created.

In each of the Reply, Note, and Forward tabs, you can use the WYSIWYG editor to format your reply, add images and links, or insert a canned response.

WYSIWYG Editor Options

View source - view/edit the source code for the reply.

Undo | Redo

Text style

Bold | Italic | Underline

Left align | Center align | Right align

Unorderd/bulleted list | Ordered/Numbered list

Outdent | Indent

Insert horizontal rule

Insert/edit link | Remove link

Upload image

Insert canned response

Text direction: left to right | right to left


You can use the Reply tab to respond to your customer's previous response in the ticket thread.

The WYSIWYG editor allows you to format your text, insert links, add images, and insert canned responses.

At the bottom of the text area, you can drag & drop or browse files to attach to the reply.

Below the editor area, you can set a new ticket status and assignee.

To the right of the editor tabs, you can add cc/bcc addresses to the reply.

You can also change which language is used within the ticket reply editor, via your site settings.


The Notes tab allows you and your agents to add internal notes to individual tickets.

These notes are only visible to agents/administrators, and not the customer submitting the ticket.


Using the Forward tab, you can connect your third party vendors into a ticket without giving them direct contact to your customers.

Add the recipient email address in the To field at the top of the editor, and use the editor text area to add the corresponding message.

When you send a forward, the recipient will receive the custom message, along with all of the previous messages in the thread.

Note: Internal notes are not included when forwarding.

You can choose to exclude the ticket history from the forward by selecting  Exclude ticket history at the top.

  • Only the message you type in the forward text area will be forwarded. Otherwise all previous conversation history (excluding internal notes) will be sent.

Using the source code editor

Selecting the  View Source option allows you to add your own custom HTML code.

The edit source modal is formatted like a standard coding program, providing an easy-to-read view and highlighting any issues code elements.

For more information, see: Changing Desk editor language