Within Teamwork Desk, you can create canned responses to save different information you may use frequently in notes and ticket replies.


By default, only administrators on your site can save and manage canned responses. Inbox administrators can always manage canned responses for inboxes where they are an admin.

To allow agents to manage canned responses, you will need to update your site settings. Go to the Site Settings subsection of the General tab. Under Agent permissions, select the checkbox to allow agents manage canned responses.

Note: This permission will apply to all agents across all of your inboxes.

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Viewing and managing canned responses

Click your profile icon to the top right of the navigation bar and select Settings

In the Settings area, go to the Inboxes tab and select the relevant inbox. You can then click the Canned Responses tab from the inbox's left navigation pane.

A list of current canned responses will be displayed along with a quick search function. For each canned response, you will see the name, reply preview, whether it is shared with other inboxes, as well as who created and last updated it.

Hovering over the agent name in the updated by or created by columns will show you the corresponding date of when it occurred.

You will have additional options to the right to edit or delete the canned response.

You can also edit existing canned responses when previewing them via the individual ticket view. Clicking the information icon will open a quick view on the right with the canned response's current properties.

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You can edit individual properties of the canned response directly in the quick view or click Open canned response settings to go to the full settings view.

Creating canned responses

Click the Add Canned Response button in the top right to create a new one.

You can set a name and reply text (using the WYSIWYG editor) as well as choose whether to share the canned response across all inboxes.

In the editor, you can also tag agents using the mention feature so that when you apply the canned response to a note on a ticket, the agent will be mentioned and notified.

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Note: Agent mentions in canned responses will not be applied when you insert the canned response in a ticket reply.

Saving existing replies as canned responses

You can also save a ticket reply or note you are currently working on as a new canned response for future use.

Once you have written your reply, click the speech bubble icon and select Save reply as canned response at the bottom of the dropdown.

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For more information, see: Using Canned Responses