Within Teamwork Desk, you can add a new custom field on inboxes of your choosing.

Note: Custom Fields are only available on Premium and Enterprise plans.

To create a custom field, click your profile icon to the top right of the navigation bar and select Settings.

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Near the top of the settings area, go to the General subsection and select Custom Fields from the left sidebar.

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Note: Only site administrators can access and update custom fields.

You will now have the option to add a new field to the top right.

In the custom field modal, you can enter a name (that the agents will see) and choose a field type. At the bottom, you can also choose whether the field should be required for agents.

Note: By choosing to mark the field as required, agents will be required to fill in the field before the ticket can be solved or closed.

Custom field types:

  • Text Field - Agents (and optionally customers) can enter in single line text.
  • Multi-Line text field - Agents (and optionally customers) can enter multiple lines of text.
  • Dropdown - Allow agents (and optionally customers) to choose exactly 1 option from your pre-defined list.
  • Numbers - Accept numeric input from agents (and optionally customers).
  • Checkbox - Allow agents (and optionally customers) to choose 0 or more options from your pre-defined list.
  • Date - Allow agents (and optionally customers) to select a date from a date picker.

Once you click next, you have options to customize how customers can interact with the custom field when submitting a request or viewing a ticket in their Customer Portal account.

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  • Can view - When enabled, your customers will be able to view the custom field on their existing tickets in the Customer Portal. Customers will not be able to input or edit the field value.
  • Can view and edit - When enabled, the custom field may be visible on the embeddable contact form and submit a request form. Customers can input information into the field and can also edit the information in the field via the Customer Portal once the ticket is created.
  • Required - When you enable this, the customer must complete this field before submitting the ticket or form.
  • Name for customer - This is the label that will be shown to customers if the view toggle is enabled.
    • Note: The label will not be translated into any foreign languages.
  • Description - The optional description will be shown to customers via a tooltip on the contact form. 

The last step is to choose which inboxes you would like to apply the new custom field to. You can toggle on the switch to the right of each inbox. Alternatively, you can use the Select all option to enable the custom field for all inboxes.

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To apply the custom field to all new inboxes created, you can toggle on the option Apply to all future inboxes

You can then choose Save to create the custom field.

Note: Custom field data can be included in the task description when creating a Teamwork task from a ticket.

For more information, see: Enabling or Disabling Custom Fields