Within Teamwork Desk, you can manage agent permissions for Training Wheels on an individual agent basis.

Note: Training Wheels is available on the Premium plan and above.

Go to the People area of your site and select the Agents tab.

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From the list of agents, click the name of the agent you want to enroll to open their profile.

Select the Edit Profile option in the top right corner of the agent's profile view.

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Below the agent permissions, you will see a section for Training Wheels.

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In the Training Wheels subsection, you can choose whether the agent is in training themselves or can review tickets.

Note: Agents in training cannot have permission to review tickets at the same time.

Can review tickets

Allow the agent to become a reviewer of other agents' tickets.

  • Only agents with this permission enabled and administrators can review tickets.
  • Agents with the review permission cannot be in training at the same time.

For agents with permission to review tickets, you will see a Can review tickets tag in the details pane on the left side of their profile.

In training

Enable the In training option to enroll the agent in the Training Wheels review process. Once enabled, you can set:

Percentage - set a percentage of the agent's tickets that should be selected for review.

  • This will be set to 100% by default.
  • New tickets created using the Send Message option will be held for review. New tickets created by the agent using the Create Ticket option will not be held for review.
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Inboxes - select specific inboxes for which the agent should be in training.

  • This will be set to all inboxes they have access to by default.
  • Hover over the inboxes option and click the edit pencil on the right.

  • Click the Add inboxes option to open a modal where you can toggle on specific inboxes for the user's training.
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  • Click Done at the bottom of the modal to return to the settings view, then click Save to apply the changes.
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When an agent is in training, you will see an In training tag at the top of their profile. The percentage of tickets to be reviewed will also be visible in the details pane on the left side of their profile.

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For more information, see: Enabling Training Wheels for Your Site