Within Teamwork Desk, you can review tickets submitted by agents enrolled in Training Wheels.

Note: Training Wheels is available on the Premium plan and above.

When an agent's ticket has been selected for review, the ticket will be added to the Needs Review section of your Tickets area.

The ticket will not be sent to the customer until it has been reviewed successfully. It will remain active, and only change to waiting on customer once the reply has been sent.

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In the Needs Review list, select the ticket you want to review to open the ticket thread.

Note: Replies to tickets, new tickets created, and forwarded messages will be included for review.

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At the top of the ticket, you will see a note with the review status of the ticket alerting you that it is currently pending review.

Click the Jump to response link to navigate directly to the individual reply requiring review.

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The review status is also shown in a colored label to the right of the individual reply.

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At the bottom of the reply, you will see three review options.

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  • Accept & Send - accept the agent's reply and send it to the customer on their behalf.
  • Edit & Send - make edits to the reply yourself and send it to the customer on the agent's behalf.
  • Request Changes - add an internal note for the agent requesting changes to the reply.

Note: Only site administrators or agents with permission to review tickets can use this feature.

Ticket options

To the right of the ticket reply, above the review status, you can select the three dots to access some additional options.

  • Permalink - copy a link to the individual thread
  • Edit message - update the agent's reply
  • Delete message - delete the message from the ticket thread
For accepted replies, you will also have the option to forward the thread.

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Note: The agent in training will not have the option to delete the message.

For more information, see: Enabling Training Wheels for Your Site