Within Teamwork.com, you can use the main navigation menu to move between the various areas of your site.

The main navigation menu is pinned to the left side of your Teamwork.com site. You can quickly expand this menu by clicking the > icon at the bottom of the menu. To collapse the menu, click the < icon.

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Pinning site level items

You can customize your main navigation menu by pinning additional items.

Select More in the main menu and hover over one of the items in the pop-up menu. Click the pin icon beside the item to pin it to the main menu.

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To unpin an item from the main menu, the navigation menu must be in expanded view.  Hover over the relevant item and click the pin icon. Unpinned items will be moved to the More submenu.

Note: Some core navigation items such as Home are pinned by default and cannot be unpinned.
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Pinning menu slide out panels

Some navigation menu items open in an additional slide out panel. You can pin this panel so that it remains visible as you work.

Menu items that open in a slide out:
  • Search
  • Jump to
  • Notifications
  • Embedded Chat

Select one of the supported menu items, then click the pin icon at the top of the panel to pin it.

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Once pinned, the panel remains open and pinned to the main navigation menu. When you access any of the supported menu items, the pinned panel updates to display that item's details.

Hiding the slide out panel
  • Click the X at the top of the pinned panel to close it temporarily. The next time you click one of the supported menu items, the panel reopens and is pinned once again.
  • To fully hide the panel, click the pin icon to unpin it. When unpinned, the panel auto-closes whenever you navigate to another area of Teamwork.com that doesn't open in a slide out panel.

Quick Add

This will allow you to add the following project items quickly:


When you click the search option, a slide out menu will open where you can quickly view your recently accessed items or use the search field to locate a specific project or item.

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At the bottom of the slide out menu, you can click the Advanced search option to go directly to the advanced search area where results will be broken into project items such as people, tasks, milestones, comments etc.

If you open the search slide out menu while viewing a project, an additional toggle option will appear in the bottom right of the search menu to apply the search to return only items in the current project.

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Jump to

the Jump to option will open a slide out menu with quick access to your projects. The menu groups your projects into Recent, Starred, and All tabs.

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You can use the search field at the top of the slide out to search for a specific project. Depending on your profile permissions, you may also see a + icon at the top of the menu allowing you to create a new project.

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Clicking the See All Projects option at the bottom of the list will bring you to the full projects List view which includes any projects where you are a member, grouped based on their current status. You can also access project templates here depending on your price plan and permissions.

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The Home area acts as a hub for items most relevant to you in your day-to-day work. 


Selecting the Projects option from the main navigation menu will bring you directly to the projects List view of all of your projects.

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The Time area will show all time logged across all of your projects where you have permission to view time.


Select the More option (three dots) to access additional site-level areas.

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The areas accessible via this More menu will depend on your user permissions and can include:

  • Everything - The Everything area allows you to view all items within projects on your site.
  • Planning - The Planning area includes a variety of features. The options accessible to you are dependent on your subscription and permissions:
  • Reports - the Reports area includes a variety of different reporting options. The reports available to you will depend on your subscription and permissions.
  • Calendar - view your upcoming events as well as tasks and milestones for the period.view upcoming tasks, milestones and events from within the Calendar view. Adding a new event can be performed to the top right of the page along with filtering calendar events.
  • People - The people area has multiple subsections:
  • Templates - access to these areas is dependent on your profile permissions.
  • Forms - quick links to the published versions of existing forms on your projects.


Clicking the notification bell icon will open your notifications in a slide out menu. The bell icon will display a count of any unread notifications you currently have. 

Each notification will include the associated user's profile avatar and name, the action they performed and when, and the related task list.

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The Help option gives you access to the following:

  • Teamwork.com Help Docs site
  • Support center - includes FAQs, webinar links, videos, newsletter information, and a feedback submission option.
  • Discover add-ons
  • Keyboard shortcuts

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Other apps

Clicking the Other apps option will open a pop-out menu listing other products in the Teamwork.com suite.

Only apps that have been enabled for your Teamwork.com site will be listed in the menu. You will also need to be an activated user on the relevant product in order to log in.

The site owner and any owner company site administrators will have an additional option to manage the apps. A pop-up modal will open where you can manage the activation of each product.

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Clicking your avatar or name in the bottom left of the navigation panel will open an additional menu with more options.

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Some of the options in this menu (such as Settings, Subscription, and Apps and integrations) are only accessible to owner company site administrators:

  • View ProfileThis will allow you to view your own profile with further information on tasks, milestones and activity related to you only.
  • Edit my details - This will bring up a modal with various tabs allowing you to change areas of your profile such as your name, address, contact details and preferences along with further options.
  • Settings - Will allow you to change settings for various areas of your site.
  • Subscription
  • My Tasks
  • My Apps - view your personal app and integration options.
  • Apps and integrations - view site-level integration options.
  • More:
    • Update my status (owner company standard users only)
    • My Shortcuts
    • Success Planner (owner company site administrators only)
    • What's new - view a timeline of updates relating to recent changes to Teamwork.com. A badge count will show if a new item has been added.
    • Switch account - if you have already linked other Teamwork.com sites to your account, you can switch between them.
  • Log out
  • Other options:


If you have access to Teamwork Chat and have enabled Embeddable Teamwork Chat in your Teamwork Chat integration settings, you will see an additional Chat option in the main navigation panel in Teamwork.com.

Clicking the Chat option will open Teamwork Chat in a pop-up window in the bottom right of your Teamwork.com site.

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For more information, see: Getting Started