Within Teamwork.com, you can use the My work area for an overview of your tasks in one place.

From the Home section, select My work from the horizontal navigation menu.

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In the top right of the My work area, you can view quick status counts of your tasks and milestones based on what is late, due today, or upcoming. These status counts are visible across all subsections of the Home area.

Use the dropdown on the left to toggle between tasks and milestones. The counts update automatically.

  • The Upcoming count for My tasks includes tasks with a future start date or with a due date within the next 14 days. They must not have a start date of today or in the past — those tasks are listed in the Today section in the main tasks view.
  • The Upcoming section in the main tasks view shows your tasks that have any due date in the future.

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In the My work table view, each of your tasks is listed on individual rows grouped into subsections based on their associated dates (late, today, upcoming, no date). A count of the number of associated tasks will be displayed beside each status heading.

Each task row will also display its corresponding properties such as assignee, due date, and priority.

You can collapse and expand each of the status subsections by clicking the arrow to the left of the status heading.

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You can create new tasks directly from the My work view by clicking Add task in the top right. You can also access your personal tasks.

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Filtering tasks

Using the search field at the top of the view, you can filter tasks based on assignee or task name.

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You can also click the filters icon to the right of the search field to access advanced filter options. A dropdown will open where you can specify certain tags, priority levels, projects, or task creators. Using the checkbox option at the bottom of the filters pane, you can also refine to show only tasks assigned directly to you.

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The My work view will update automatically as you select each filter criteria. The filters icon will also update to reflect the number of active filter criteria currently applied.

  • You can use the Save filter option to save the chosen criteria for quicker filtering in the future.
  • Click the x on the filters icon to clear the current selection.

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Editing tasks

You can edit certain task properties directly in the table view via inline editing. To update a supported task property, click the field to open it in edit mode or reveal the property options.

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Previewing tasks

You can open the task details view for an individual task by clicking the task name. Alternatively, hover over the task and press V on your keyboard or click the Details link to the right of the task name.

Each of the task properties can also be edited directly from the task details view. Some options such as followers will open a pop-up modal while others like priority will open a dropdown.

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Logging time on tasks

Using the Logged time column, you can either manually log time or start a timer directly on an individual task.

Hover over the Logged time field in any task row and select the Log time or Start timer icon.

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The manual time logging option will open the full time log modal where you can set the relevant details for the time entry.

When you click the timer option, the timer will start directly in the table row, and will also be displayed in the standard active timer view at the bottom of your site.

  • Click the pause icon to stop the timer running. 
  • Click the timer duration to log the time to the task.

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Customizing table columns

You can choose which columns to display by clicking the plus icon to the right of the column headings. This will open a dropdown where you can toggle on and off individual property columns.

Hovering over More at the bottom of the dropdown will open an expanded list of any remaining task properties including any existing task custom fields.

Note: Task custom fields are available on per-user Premium/Grow subscriptions and above.

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Reordering and resizing table columns

You can drag and drop selected columns to reorder your view. Click and drag a column heading and drop it to a new position in the table.

Note: The task name column is fixed to the left of the table and cannot be reordered or hidden.

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You can also adjust the width of certain columns in table view (title, description, tags, board column).

To change the width of a column, hover to the right of the column name to display the left right arrow. You can then drag and drop the arrow to expand or contract the column size.

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Scrolling table view

Depending on the number of columns you have enabled for the table, a horizontal scrollbar become accessible to allow you to scroll to view the remaining columns.

Note: The task name column will remain fixed on the left.

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Sorting options

In table view, you can sort tasks by task list or by certain task property columns. Applying a sort will sort the tasks within each status subsection.

To sort tasks based on a particular property, click the relevant column heading at the top of the table. Clicking the column heading multiple times will toggle the tasks between ascending and descending order based on that property.

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To clear your sort selection, hover over the active column and click the additional arrow option, then select Clear sort from the dropdown menu.

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For more information, see: Personal Tasks