Within Teamwork.com, you can view all of your projects via the List subsection of the main Projects area.

Click the Projects option in the main navigation menu on the left of your site and select the List tab.

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You can toggle the projects between list and grid view using the View as option in the top right.

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When viewing your projects in list view, each project will be listed on a separate row, with each related project property shown in different columns. 

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Depending on your profile permissions, you can add new projects via the Add Project button at the top of the view.

The toolbar at the top of the projects list allows you to search, filter and refine your view.

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Search based on project name or associated company to refine your projects list.

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To filter projects by starting letter, type a single letter into the search field. This will return projects only starting with this letter. 

View switcher

View you projects via list view or grid view.

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Source projects

Toggle between projects where you are a member and all projects on the site.

Note: This option is only available to owner company site administrators. 

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Company grouping

By selecting the company option, you can group the list of projects you are currently viewing based on their associated company. Clicking again will ungroup the projects.

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When company grouping is active, the projects list will display each project under its associated company heading.

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Project statuses

Projects are grouped by status depending on where they are in their current timeline. Click the status dropdown to switch between the different status options.

Note: Visibility of starred projects can be managed via the filter options.

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Selecting the filters button will open a dropdown where you can apply a range of filters to your projects list.

Click any of the dropdown fields in this menu to apply specific tags, project owners, health, and companies.

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Additional filter options include showing only starred projects, hiding projects you are observing, clearing the current selection, and accessing saved filters. 

More options 

You can select more options via the options menu (three dots) at the end of the filters toolbar.

  • Generate an activity report for your projects. 
  • Export the project list via PDF, HTML, Excel, or CSV.
  • View the projects trash can - showing any project deleted within the last 30 days. 

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Customizing columns

In projects list view, you can choose which columns to display by clicking the plus icon to the right of the column headings row. This will open a dropdown where you can toggle on and off individual property columns. 

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Hovering over More at the bottom of the dropdown will open an expanded list of any remaining project properties including any existing project custom fields

Note: Custom fields are available on per-user Premium/Grow subscription plans and above.

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You can also use the Add field option in the columns menu to create a new project custom field directly within this view.

Note: Only site administrators or users with permission to manage custom fields can create and manage custom fields.

You can also drag and drop selected columns to reorder your view. Click and drag a column heading and drop it to a new position in the list.

The project name column is fixed to the left of the list and cannot be reordered or hidden.

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You can also adjust the width of certain columns. These columns include the project name, company, tags, latest activity, category, latest update, description, and custom fields. 

To change the width of a column, hover to the right of the column name to display the left right arrow. You can then drag and drop the arrow to expand or contract the column size. 

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To sort projects based on a particular property, click the relevant column heading at the top of the table. Clicking the column heading multiple times will toggle the projects between ascending and descending order based on that property.

Note: Column sorting is supported for certain project properties.

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Scrolling view

Depending on the number of columns you have enabled for the list, a horizontal scrollbar becomes accessible to allow you to scroll to view the remaining columns. You can also scroll vertically through the project list.

Note: The task name column will remain fixed on the left.

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Depending on the width of the Tags column and number of tags applied to an individual project, some tags may be hidden from view. To view the project's remaining tags, hover over the Tags field and use the scrollbar to move across the Tags field.

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Editing project properties

In the projects list view, you can update certain project properties such as tags and categories via inline editing. To edit a supported project property, click the field to open it in edit mode or reveal the property options.

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Some properties such as project owner and start/end dates will bring up a pop-up modal for that field.

For more information, see: Filtering - Projects List View