Within Teamwork.com, you can quickly switch between your Teamwork.com apps using the product switcher. 

The product switcher is located in the bottom left of the main navigation, select Other Apps to open the menu.

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To open another Teamwork.com product, select the product from the dropdown menu. 

Note: Only apps that have been enabled for your Teamwork.com site will be listed in the menu. You will also need to be an activated user on the relevant product in order to log in.

Managing apps

The apps listed as enabled for your Teamwork.com site can be updated via the Manage apps option at the bottom of the menu.

Note: Only the site owner and owner company administrators have access to manage apps. 

Each product will detail its current status such as enabled, disabled, active trial or expired trial. 

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From the Manage your Teamwork.com Apps modal, you can: 

  • Open - open the product in a new window
  • Enable - enable the product for users on your site
  • Disable - remove access to the product for users on your site
  • Pick a plan - set up subscription for the product
For more information, see: Using the Teamwork.com Navigation Bar