Within Teamwork.com, you can view all time logged across all of your projects in the site-level Time area.

To view all time, select Time from the main navigation. 

For each time log, you can see the date, project, who logged the time, description including tags, task list, start & end time, billable, billed, time logged in minutes and decimal hours.

Below each group of time logs (based on sort option: task, date, etc.), you will also see:

  • Total - total time logged across the group of tasks
  • Estimated Time - total estimated time across the tasks
    • Note: The estimated time is only visible to owner company site administrators.
  • Billable Time - total billable time across the tasks

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From here you can:

  • Log time against a specific task
  • Start the Timer for a task
  • Run a custom report on time logged
  • Bulk update time logs (this allows you to mark all of a specific person's hours as billable/non-billable)

When viewing the time logs, you can sort by who logged the time, date logged, task, task list, project, company. You can also use the arrow to the right to choose ascending or descending order.

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You can export a copy of this list to PDF or Excel from the Export button near the top right. 

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For more information, see: Everything Section - All Options