Within Teamwork, you can create project templates to populate future projects.

Note: Project templates are available on per-user Pro/Deliver (max 20 custom templates), Premium/Grow (max 50 custom templates), and Scale (unlimited custom templates) plans. Each of these plans includes access to the Teamwork templates gallery.

Select Projects from the main navigation menu on the left of your site and go to the Templates subsection.

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In the Templates area, select the Custom Templates tab from the left navigation pane and click the Create a Template option.

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In the template modal, you can choose to start from scratch with a blank template or populate the template from an existing project.

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Note: Any details you add to the template will automatically be inherited by the projects you create from the template unless you specify otherwise when creating a new project from the template.

Creating a template from scratch

When you select the start from scratch option and click Next step, you will need to set a name for the template and a company to associate with it. You can select an existing company or create a new one.

Optionally, you can also set a description for the project.

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Once you click Next step to proceed to the Add People step, you can choose individual users, teams, or companies to add to the template.

Note: Client users can only be added to project templates associated with their company. If you later change the company, affected client users will be removed.

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Click Next step to go to the final step of the template creation process where you can assign a project category, tag(s), and set a default billable setting for time logs on future projects created from the template.

  • On per-user Premium/Grow subscription plans and above, you will also be able to set project custom fields in the Advanced Options step.
  • Note: Accounts on legacy Enterprise subscriptions also have an option to set privacy on templates.

Click Create Template to finish the setup. You will be brought directly to the newly created template.

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When viewing the project template, you will see a blue banner across the top indicating it is a template. There will also be a Use Template option to create a new project from the template.

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Creating items in a template

You can then start adding the relevant project items such as tasks, milestones, messages, and links. Any items you create will automatically be populated in future new projects created from the template unless you choose to exclude them.

Note: Time logs, Gantt Chart, and Teamwork Chat channels are not supported in project templates.

Project items within a template can only be assigned to people specifically listed as members of the template. If a user is not being shown in the assignee dropdown, click the Add user to project option at the bottom of the dropdown to add the relevant user to the template.

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When you create messages in a template project, there is no option to notify users of the message. The message will be added to new projects and available to browse but no one will be notified that there is a message when the project is created from the template.

Relative dates

When creating tasks and milestones in a template, the associated dates are handled as relative dates.

  • There is no calendar picker to specify exact task or milestone dates
  • You choose Day 1, Day 2, etc. to set the dates in the template
  • When it comes to applying the template, those dates will then be applied based on the project's dates/
    • E.g. A task in your template is set to start on Day 3, and you create a new project from the template, starting on September 3rd (day 1). When the template is applied, that task's start date becomes September 5th (day 3).