Within Teamwork, you can utilize the Schedule area to plan and manage user resources.

Note: The Schedule feature is available on Grow/Premium subscriptions and above. An additional People based view is available to accounts on Scale subscriptions.

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Schedule views

  • Projects - timeline view showing all projects on your site along with their associated members.
  • People - timeline view of all people on your site and their existing allocations on their projects.
    • For each user, only projects with existing allocations for the user will be shown.
    • Note: The People view is available on Scale subscriptions.


  • Allocation - an allocation is a set amount of time for a given user on a given project on a given day or days.
    • It is used to show when and where a user should be working and for how long.
    • Allocations are intended as high level breakdowns of the types of work a user is doing over the course of a given day.
  • Allocation roll up - this is the combined total time across all allocations for the given project or user on the selected day.
  • Allocation % completion - time logged against projects or tasks assigned to a user on the associated project will count towards each allocation's % completion.
  • Unavailable Time - the sum of all non-working/unavailable time periods that reduce the amount of time that a user has available to do work in a working day.
  • Length of Day - the set amount of hours in a day in which the user can potentially do work, for example the typical 8 hour work day.
  • Availability - the length of the user's working day minus any allocations and time marked unavailable:
    • Availability = Length of Day - (Unavailable Time + Allocations)


You can update profile permissions on an individual user basis to grant access to view or manage the schedule.

  • Access resource scheduling - allow the user to view the Schedule subsection of the Planning area.
    • They will be able to see any allocations across projects where they are a member, along with the other members of those projects.
  • Manage resource scheduling - allow the user to create and edit allocations on all projects where they are a member.
    • A user with this permission does not need to be a project administrator on a project to be able to create allocations for users on that project.
    • A user cannot have the manage permission without the access permission.

Note: Client users and collaborators cannot be granted access or manage permissions for resource scheduling.

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For more information, see: Creating and Managing Allocations