Within Teamwork.com, you can receive bell notification updates for items on your projects.

Note: You can manage your notification preferences via your profile settings.

The notification bell is located in the bottom left of your site.

When you have unread notifications, the bell displays a badge count of the number of unread notifications you have.

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Click the bell icon to open the notifications list in a slide out panel. Notifications are be grouped by date, ordered by most recently received first.

Each notification includes the associated user's profile image and name, the action they performed & when, the related item's name, and associated project.

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Clicking an individual notification redirects you to the related project item.

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Marking notifications as read

Once you click to view an item via the bell notification, the notification is automatically marked as read.

You can also click the blue checkmark to mark an unread notification as read without viewing it.

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Alternatively, click the checkmark at the top of the Notifications panel to mark all unread notifications as read.

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Once you mark a notification as read, it is moved to the Read tab in the Notifications panel.

Note: Read notifications are automatically archived after 30 days.

In the Read tab, you can mark notifications as unread by clicking the checkmark. This moves the notification back to the Unread tab.

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Muting notifications

You can mute the notification bell to stop receiving alerts for items. Click the bell icon at the top of the Notifications panel to mute. Click it again to unmute.

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While muted, the notification bell icon in Teamwork.com's main navigation menu displays with a strikethrough and the notification count will not update as long as the bell is muted.

Note: Muting notifications also prevents you from receiving push and email notifications.

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For more information, see: Adding Followers to Project Items