Within Teamwork, you can use the Workload Planner to view and manage each user's capacity.

This article relates to a recent enhancement to the Workload Planner feature and is available on per-user Premium/Grow subscriptions and above.

You can read about the legacy version of the Workload Planner here.

In the Planning area of your site, go to the Workload tab. 

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The Workload Planner will show a list of users on your site with a scrollable timeline view of their workload versus their working hours and any unavailable time. 

Each user row will show their name, profile icon, associated company, and their workload versus working hours for the upcoming week. 

You can expand an individual user's workload via the chevron icon to the left of their name. This expanded view will show a breakdown the user's projects, tasks, and milestones that make up their workload along with their unavailable time for the period shown. 

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It is possible to expand or collapse all users' workload information at once via the Expand All / Collapse All options in the top right. 

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Today's date will be highlighted as a blue dot around the date. 

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Click Today in the top right to return to the current date view. 

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The Workload Planner has an infinite scroll feature. Click the horizontal scroll bar to drag to the required date range. Using the vertical scroll bar will allow you to view more users. 

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Drag and drop

The Workload Planner timeline allows you to manage users' tasks via drag and drop. 

  • To adjust the duration of a task, hover over the left or right side of the entry and drag it to a new position to increase or decrease the number of days on which it falls.
  • To adjust which days a task falls on for the associated user, click and drag the entry to a new position. You can also use drag and drop to reassign a task to another user by dropping the task to a different user's row.
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Task details

Click a task to open the Task Details pane. This view will display the task name, assignee, duration, estimated time, along with any attached files, time logs and comments.

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It is possible to edit task details via this view. 

Search and filtering

Using the search box, you can filter your view by users name or by company. 

The timeline dropdown allows you to switch between a week or month view. 

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Click the filters button in the top right to access the advanced filter options.

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Filtering options for the Workload Planner include: 

  • Users
  • Teams
  • Companies 
  • Projects
  • Tags

Clicking any of the filter options will open a dropdown where you can select specific items of that type.

You can also use the include logged time in remaining capacity checkbox to take time logged on tasks into account when calculating users' capacity.

The Saved Filters option will open an additional pop-up displaying your existing custom saved filters for the planner. Click the three dots to the right of a saved filter to access additional options to edit or delete the filter. You can also copy a link to the saved filter which you can then share with other users on your site.

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For more information, see: Workload Planner Overview