Within Teamwork, you can use the planned versus actual milestones report to review the actual status of milestones across your projects compared with how they were originally planned.

This feature is currently in a Beta release phase and is available on paid per-user subscriptions.

Go to the Reports area of your site and select the Planned vs Actual tab.

The Reports area is accessible to site administrators and users with project admin permissions on at least one project. Site administrators will see all projects, while project administrators will only see projects where they are an admin.

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At the top of the report, select Milestones form the report type dropdown.

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In the report, you will see a series of columns highlighting important properties for each milestone.

When viewing the report, site administrators will see milestones across all projects on your site. Project administrators will only see milestones from projects where they are an admin.

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Using the time period dropdown in the top right, you can switch between week, month, and quarter views.

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Use the arrows to the left of the current timeframe noted in the top left of the report to move to the previous or next time period.

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Clicking the milestone name will open a quick view on the right detailing the milestone and corresponding edit options.

You can also use the checkmark to the left of the milestone name to complete or reopen the milestone.

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Displays the avatars of the user(s) responsible for the milestone. Hovering over an avatar will show the user's name.

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Clicking the associated project name will open a quick view of the project summary on the right. To go directly to the project, you can click the project name at the top of the quick view.

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Task Lists

Any task lists associated with the milestone will be listed. When multiple task lists are attached, you can hover over the field to view the remaining task lists. Clicking the task lists field will open a quick view displaying the task list(s) and corresponding tasks.

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Hovering over a milestone with no task lists currently linked will display an option to attach task lists.

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% Tasks Completed

The percentage of completed tasks within the task lists associated with the milestone. Clicking the percentage field will open a quick view showing the task list(s) and associated tasks.

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Original due date

The original due date set when the milestone was first created.

Current due date

The current due date set for the milestone. Hovering hover the current due date will reveal an edit pencil to update the due date. Clicking this will open a date picker.


Displays the milestone's status and corresponding number of days:

  • Upcoming - milestone's due date is in the future.
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  • Late - milestone's due date is in the past.
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  • Completed on x date - milestone has been marked as complete.
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Last updated

The date the milestone was last updated. Hovering over the milestone will show you the corresponding recent update. Depending on your subscription plan, clicking the last updated field will open a quick view detailing the milestone's change history.

Note: Milestone change history is available on per-user Premium/Grow subscriptions and above.

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You can also hover over the last updated date for a project to see the most recent change of date for the milestone.

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Difference from original due date

Shows the variance from the milestone's original due date when it was first created versus the date it is currently scheduled for completion.

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  • If the milestone status is incomplete, the variance is the difference between the original due date and current due date.
  • If the milestone status is complete, the variance is the difference between the original due date and the date it was completed.

Column options

Click the options button (three dots) in the top right of the report and use the toggles in the dropdown menu to show or hide relevant columns.

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You can also customize the order of the columns in the table by clicking and dragging a column heading to a new position in the report.

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Sorting options

You can quickly sort the report based on a specific column by clicking the column heading. Clicking multiple times will switch the sorting between ascending and descending order.

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Filter options

In the top right of the report area, you can use the search field to locate a specific milestone or assignee. You can toggle to view milestones assigned to you, or everyone's milestones using the view toggle.

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From the duration dropdown, you can set a date range for the report, including Last week, last month or last 3 months.

Further filter options allow you to filter by: 

  • Teams
  • Companies
  • Projects
  • All milestones
  • Upcoming milestones 
  • Late milestones
You can also choose to include completed projects via the checkbox. 

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To remove your current filter selections, click Clear all


Using the export option in the top right of the milestones report area, you can download a copy of the report in PDF format.

For more information, see: Using the Planned vs Actual Tasks Report