Within Teamwork, you can create shortcuts so that you can easily access any item or area in your site.

To create a new shortcut, use the + Quick Add menu at the top right of your screen and choose Add Shortcut. You can also press the + key on your keyboard when on any page in your site to create a new shortcut.

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In the add shortcut modal, you can update the name of the shortcut.

You have two options to choose from for source type:

  • Use current page or paste a new link - create a shortcut for the area of your site you are currently on, or paste a link to another area
  • Browse - choose one of your projects, and you can then select a project item type to create a shortcut for
By default, the source selected will be to use the current page as the shortcut link.

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When you select the browse option, you will see an option to choose one of your projects.

Once a project has been chosen, you can select which project item type you want to use for the shortcut. You can then select the specific item.

Item types:

  • Link to project
  • Task list
  • Task
  • Milestone
  • Message
  • File
  • Notebook
  • Link

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Accessing your shortcuts list
To view your shortcuts, click your profile image in the top right of the screen and choose My Shortcuts from the dropdown. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Shift + s.

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Shortcuts are grouped by feature, based on the type of item you have saved, for example a task, a task list, a message, milestone, file or notebook.
The Project section includes shortcuts pointing to an area within your project rather than a specific item, like Overview or the Files section. 
Shortcuts in the Page section are based on direct links to Home, Everything, Projects, Calendar, Statuses, and People tabs.

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When viewing your list of shortcuts, you can filter these using the right-hand pane. This will allow you to search via keyword, filter by link type, and show only pinned shortcuts.

You can also sort the list of shortcuts in ascending or descending order by name, date, or type.

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Note: The shortcuts feature is price plan dependent.

For more information, see: Using the Quick Add Menu