Within Teamwork, you can upgrade your subscription at any time via your subscription settings.

To upgrade, click your profile icon in the top right of your site and select Subscription from the dropdown menu.

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Note: Only site administrators in the owner company have access to this area.

On the subscription page you will see a subscription summary for your current plan.

Click the Update Subscription button at the bottom of the summary.

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In the Update Subscription modal, click full checkout to update the plan type for your subscription.

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You will be brought to the checkout page where you can see your plan options and switch between monthly and annual billing.

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Click the green Select button on the relevant plan to proceed to the team size selection and payment.

At the top of the next page, you can use the users required dropdown on the left to adjust the number of users you want to be included in your subscription. 

Below the team size selection, you can enter your payment information, contact details, and billing address. At the bottom of the screen, you can enter a tax number if applicable, and also choose whether to make the invoices out to the account name for your site or enter in a different reference.

On the final page, you can review your subscription details. At the bottom of the order summary, you can:

  • Agree with the terms of service and privacy policy (required).
  • Allow non-administrator users to add new paid users to this subscription (optional).
    • If you decide in future to enable/disable this setting, you will need to navigate through the checkout process again, only changing that individual setting.
      • As long as no other changes are made to your subscription settings (plan, billing cycle, user count) no charges will be made when you update the setting.
  • Enter a discount code (if applicable).

Click Purchase subscription to complete the payment.

If you need help choosing the plan that best suits your needs or wish to upgrade to the Enterprise plan you can choose Contact us to request our sales team to reach out to you.

For more information, see: Adding More Users to Your Subscription