Within Teamwork, you can create intake forms on your projects to gather information from both internal and external people.

Note: Intake forms are available on per-user Pro/Deliver subscriptions and above.

For each form created on your projects, a task list on the project is associated with it. When a response is submitted via the form, a new task will be created in the task list.

Forms can be viewed and managed via the Forms tab on a project. The feature can be enabled or disabled by a project or site administrator via the project settings.

Note: The ability to view and manage forms on projects can be controlled via project permissions on an individual project member basis.

If your project does not have an existing form, you can click the Create a form button in the middle of the page.

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To add a new form to a project with existing forms, click the Add a form button in the top right of the forms list. 

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At the top of the form in the editor, you can customize the banner theme for the form. Click the color palette icon to open the customization options. The solid colors will change the banner background while the outline colors will update the icons.

You can also use the shuffle icon at the bottom of the dropdown to randomize the color pairing.

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When creating a form, you will be required to fill out a title. You can optionally add a form description.

By default, each form is populated with name and email input fields. You can keep or remove these fields, as well as add additional options.

Using the Questions menu to the left of the form editor, click a field type to add it to the form. You can also drag and drop the questions onto the form to add them. Once added, you can populate the relevant question information.

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For dropdown, multi-select and radio group questions, you can reorder your chosen options within a question via the arrow indicators. Hover the cursor to the left of the option names and select the up or down arrows to reorder. 

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You can also duplicate an existing question on your form. Select the copy icon to the right of the relevant question field title. This will automatically copy the question and add the duplicate question below the original in the form.

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Form settings

In the Settings tab to the left of the form editor, you can customize the settings for your form.

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The form settings include:

  • Inbox - each form must be associated with a specific task list on your project.
    • The Inbox list will be selected by default. You can choose an alternative existing task list from the dropdown.
    • If the selected task list has default task properties set, those properties will be applied when new tasks are created as a result of form submissions.
    • If a default board column has active triggers, those triggers will also be applied when the task is created in the list.
  • Task assignees - select project member(s) to be assigned to tasks created for each form submission or leave assigned to Anyone.
  • Field for use in task titles - choose a field from the form to add to the task title.
    • Only single-line text fields from the form will be populated in the dropdown. Select one of the fields to be used to populate the titles of tasks created from form submissions.
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  • Confirmation message - set a custom confirmation message to show to those submitting a response.
  • Show a button to 'Submit another' - allow the correspondent to submit more than one response.
  • Form branding - show or hide Teamwork branding on the published form.
    • When enabled, Powered by Teamwork will appear at the end of the published form.
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Reordering fields

To change the position of a field in your form, scroll to the relevant field and click the upward or downward facing arrow to the left of the field to move it up or down one position in the form.

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Previewing a form

Using the preview pane on the right of the forms editor, you can see how the currently selected fields will be displayed for people viewing the form.

Click the arrow icon in the top right of the forms editor to show or hide the preview pane.

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Published form options

Once you click the Publish button at the bottom of the editor, additional options will become available in the top right of the form area.

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  • Accept responses - allow submissions through the form.
  • Link - copy a shareable link to the published form.
  • Options (three dots):
    • View published form - opens the published form in a new browser tab.
    • Regenerate link - void the previous access link to the published form and generate a new one.
    • Copy form - copy the form to the current project or another project. 
    • Delete form - you will be asked to confirm deletion.
      • Note: Any existing tasks created via form responses will remain in the task list.

For more information, see: Setting Intake Forms Permissions