Within Teamwork, existing accounts on the Classic Teamwork interface can toggle between it and the new enhanced Teamwork interface (UI).

The redesigned core Teamwork navigation experience is currently in a Beta release phase for all Teamwork accounts.

You can learn more about the enhanced navigation experience here.

Switching to the new Teamwork UI

You can easily switch to the new version of Teamwork by clicking the Try New Teamwork option in the top right of your site.

Once clicked, you can select which best describes your role. This will tailor the items shown in your navigation menu automatically. Your site will then refresh to display the new UI.

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Switching to Classic Teamwork

If you want to return to Classic Teamwork at any stage, you can do so via your profile menu.

Click your avatar in the bottom left of the main navigation menu and select the Switch to Classic Teamwork option from the pop-out menu.

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For more information, see: Navigating Teamwork (New UI)