Within Teamwork.com, there are a variety of Teamwork.com-built and third-party integrations available for your Teamwork.com site.

📝 The integrations available to you depend on your Teamwork.com subscription.

Site integrations

Some integrations can be enabled directly from your Teamwork.com account.

Click your profile avatar in the bottom left of your site and select Apps and integrations from the dropdown menu.

Note: Only site owners or owner company site administrators can access the site settings.

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In the Integrations subsection of the site settings, you will see a series of available integrations.

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These integration options include:

Additional integrations not directly listed in your Settings > Integrations section can be found here.

Third-party integrations

You can view a list of available partner and third-party integrations here.

Additionally, you can create connections between the Teamwork.com suite and other platforms using apps such as Zapier, Unito, and Make.

Personal integrations

Click your profile icon in the top right of your site and select My Apps from the dropdown menu to quickly access your personal integration options.

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At the top of the Apps tab of your profile, you will see a section for My Apps which will list any apps currently available to you.

Note: Some apps require initial setup via the site settings before you can access via your profile. This can only be done by an owner company site administrator.

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These personal integration options include:

At the bottom of the Apps tab of your profile, you will see an additional Available Apps section. Apps listed here are available but not yet enabled for your Teamwork.com site.

You will need to contact an owner company site administrator on your account to do the initial setup before these apps can become available in your profile.

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When one of these integration is turned on at site-level, users in the owner company will receive a bell notification. Clicking the notification will bring you to your My Apps area where you can complete the setup for your own profile.

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For more information, see: Add-ons & Integrations