Within Teamwork, you can use file storage integrations to link files from your third party storage accounts to your projects.

If you have enabled the integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, Box.com or Microsoft OneDrive (personal), people on your project with the appropriate permissions will be able to browse the folder you have connected.

They will also be able to add files from that folder to your files area for commenting on, categorising, tagging and attaching to tasks or messages, just like files you have uploaded directly.

In the Files section of your project, you will see a button for file integrations. Click this to select which integration you want to link files from.

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By clicking on one of these integration options, it will list the files in the folder associated with the project, for you to select.

When you have used the checkboxes to choose one or more files to link, you can click the link-in selected files button and you will be able to choose the category, privacy and any other options relevant to the integration available.

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Once you have linked in the files, you will see them listed, with an icon for the integration they are linked with, and a link to view them in that account directly.

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Note: Files linked to your site from storage integrations do not count towards your Teamwork file storage limit.