FreshBooks is an accounting software that enables you to track invoices, expenses, and time.

Within Teamwork, you can integrate your site with FreshBooks and FreshBooks Classic.

Click your profile icon in the top right of your site and select Apps & Integrations from the dropdown menu.

Note: Only administrators in the owner company can manage integrations.

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In the Integrations area, scroll to the FreshBooks section and click the Enable button.

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Once you click Connect, you can choose which version of FreshBooks to connect to your account.

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When you select FreshBooks and click Save Changes, you will be redirected to FreshBooks to log in to your account.

After entering your login details for FreshBooks, you will be asked to accept their terms of service. Click Accept and continue to complete the setup.

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Once you have approved access, you will be redirected to your site settings in Teamwork and the integration will be connected.

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If there are multiple businesses attached to the FreshBooks account, you will need to complete the integration process by clicking Select Business in the FreshBooks section of your Integrations list.

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FreshBooks Classic

When you select the FreshBooks Classic option, you will be asked for your FreshBooks URL and API Key.

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To locate your FreshBooks API details:

  • Log into your FreshBooks account
  • Select My Account
  • Choose the FreshBooks API tab
  • Copy your details to the FreshBooks modal in Teamwork

For more information, see: Exporting an Invoice to FreshBooks Classic