Slack is a business communications platform that enables you to stay connected with your team.

Within Teamwork, you can enable the Slack integration for your profile to allow you to interact with Teamwork notifications and create project items directly from your Slack account.

Note: This integration is available on per-user Pro/Deliver plans and above, as well as certain legacy plans.


The Slack integration allows you to sync their Teamwork and Slack profiles in order to:

  • Receive your Teamwork notifications relating to your projects directly in an updates feed in Slack.
  • Set up project channels in Slack to receive messages specific to a Teamwork project.
  • Create Teamwork project items from messages in Slack.
  • Set up Slack automations in Teamwork to automatically post messages in Slack based on custom task criteria. Example: Create an automation to send a Slack message when a task's priority changes to high.

Connecting your Slack account

Click your profile avatar in the bottom left of your site and select My Apps from the pop-out menu.

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In the Apps tab of your profile, click the More info button in the Slack Actions and Notifications section under My Apps.

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You will be redirected to the Teamwork app page in the Slack app directory. If you are not currently logged in to any Slack workspaces, you will see an option to Sign In to install.

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Once logged in to Slack, you can use the account dropdown in the top right to select which Slack account to link with Teamwork.

You can then click the Add to Slack button on the left side of the app page to proceed.

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To complete the setup, you will need to authorize the integration to connect to your Slack account. Click Allow to proceed.

You can read more about Teamwork's privacy policy here.

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You will then be redirected to the Teamwork log in launchpad where you can enter your login credentials for the Teamwork account you want to connect. If the email address is associated with multiple Teamwork sites, you will need to choose the relevant site.

Once you click Log in, you will also be asked to grant access permission to your site for the integration.

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After completing the setup, you will see the Slack integration shows as enabled in your My Apps section in Teamwork.

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In Slack, the Teamwork app will be listed under Apps in your workspace.

The Messages tab in the Teamwork app page will automatically receive Teamwork notifications for any items related to you. These include being assigned to a task, edits to a task you are following, users @mentioning you in comments/messages, etc. 

Note: In line with how Teamwork handles notifications, you will not receive notifications in Slack when you are the person creating project items. 

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