Within Teamwork Projects, you can integrate your site with Slack, allowing you and your users to interact with Projects notifications and create Projects items, directly from your Slack account.

The Slack integration is a personal integration each user can connect in their own profile settings once it has been enabled at site level by a site administrator.

Note: This integration is available on the Pro plan and above.

Enabling Slack for your Teamwork Projects site

To enable the integration, click your profile icon in the top right of your site and select Settings from the dropdown menu.

In the settings area, select the 'Integrations' tab, where you will see an option to connect Slack Actions & Notifications.

Enabling Slack for your profile

When the Slack integration has been enabled in the site settings, each user can then enable it for their personal profile.

Click your profile icon in the top right of your site and select View Profile from the dropdown menu.

In your profile area, go to the Integrations tab, and select Connect Slack Actions and Notifications in the Slack section.

Once you click connect, you will need to enter your Slack workspace URL and corresponding login credentials. To complete the setup, you will need to authorize the integration to connect to your Slack account.

After completing the setup, you will see the Slack integration has been connected to a specific channel, e.g. teamwork_151770.

This private Slack channel is created automatically when you set up the integration, to handle your notifications from Projects. Clicking the channel link will bring you directly to it in Slack.

Note: The channel will receive Projects notifications for any items related to you - being assigned to a task, edits to a task you are following, users @mentioning you in comments/messages.