enables you and your team to collect visual feedback about your website from clients and other stakeholders.

Within, you can use the integration to create tasks in your projects based on feedback submitted. 

To enable the integration, you will need to set up a account and install the browser extension:

Once logged in to, select the Connected accounts tab from the main navigation menu at the top.  

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You have two options when creating a new account:

  • Personal accounts - used to create destinations for reporting feedback.
    • Note: You can only have one personal account per platform.
  • Team accounts - used to allow reporters without a personal integration account to report feedback into your integrations.
    • Note: Only admins can see and manage these.
If you do not already have any connected accounts, click the Connect first personal account button. Otherwise, click Show all platforms to find Teamwork. To connect a team account, select Add new team account.

In the pop-up window, select Teamwork as the account to connect to.

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Another window will open with an overview of the integration. Click the green Connect Teamwork button to proceed.

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You will then need to enter your login credentials, then click Log in to complete the setup. 

In the Connected accounts section of your account, you will then see Teamwork listed. 

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Creating destinations to

Once your account has been linked, you will need to create a destination in to point to the project you want tasks to be added to.

Select the Destinations tab at the top of your site and choose + Add destination.

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When you add a new destination, select Teamwork as the integration. You will then be able to choose which of your existing projects to connect to, and have the option of adding the project's URL.

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Select Add destination to complete the setup.

Once you have everything set up, you can start using the browser extension to capture screenshots and post tasks to your project.

Disabling the integration

You can disable the integration at any time via your account. In the  Connected accounts  area of your account, select the Disconnect option beside your connected account. 

For more information, see: Using the Integration