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  • Editing File Privacy
    Within, you can edit the privacy on a file so that only some members of your team can view or access it. Note: Only a site administrator or project administrator can update file privacy.
  • Project Template Privacy
    Before you start Privacy can only be applied when creating a project template . Existing templates cannot have privacy applied.
  • Setting Privacy on Task Lists
    When a task list is made private, all tasks in the list will inherit the privacy you have set for the task list.
  • Setting and Editing Privacy on Files
    New files In the file upload modal, click the privacy field to change the privacy settings. By default, file privacy will be set to Everybody on the project .
  • Setting Privacy on Notebooks
    You can set privacy on notebooks when first creating them on your project or when editing an existing notebook.
  • Setting Privacy on Milestones
    Within, you can set privacy on any milestones you add to your project so only certain users can access them.
  • Setting Privacy on Links
    Within, you can set privacy on links added to your project so only certain users can access them.
  • Setting Privacy on Messages
    Within, you can set privacy on any messages added to your project so only certain users can access them.
  • Setting Privacy on Tasks
    Within, you can set the privacy on a task so that only certain people on the project are able to see it. Note: Subtasks inherit the privacy set for their associated parent task.
  • Managing the Privacy of Events in the Calendar
    Within, you can choose who can see events in the calendar by setting privacy on them. When adding or editing a calendar event, select the Privacy tab.
  • Editing a Task
    Privacy - you can add or remove users and companies from the task privacy . If moving the task between private task lists, the task will take on the task list privacy.
  • Associating a Calendar Event with a Project
    In the Add/Edit Event modal, go to the Privacy tab and select the Members of a project can see this option.
  • View, Edit, and, Delete Portfolio Boards
    . 💡 Accounts on Scale subscriptions can also edit a board's privacy setting. See the Edit Portfolio privacy section below! Click Update board .
  • Creating a Notebook (Beta)
    By default, the notebook privacy will be open to everyone on the project. Adding privacy to a notebook Once a notebook has been created, you will be navigated to the read-only view of the notebook.
  • Bulk Editing Tasks in a Task List
    Privacy - adjust the task privacy to public (visible to everyone on the project) or private (only visible to owner company project members). Tags - add or remove tags on all selected tasks.
  • Commenting on Items
    If there isn't already a privacy setting on the item you are commenting on, you can choose who the comment should be private to.
  • Site Administrators
    Owner company site administrators override any privacy set on items - they will still see the items (tasks, milestones, files etc.) even if they are excluded from the privacy.
  • Using the Task Details View in Table View
    Options: View history Modify properties Move or copy the task Make this task private / Edit privacy Note: Privacy cannot be set on subtasks.
  • Milestones
    Privacy & Followers Privacy: Choose who can see the milestone. Reminder: Owner company admins can see all items regardless of privacy settings.
  • Editing or Deleting Messages
    As well as editing the content, you can change the followers, category, privacy and attached files. Editing replies allows you to change who will be notified, and the attached files.
  • Messages
    Message privacy You can use privacy settings to put restrictions in place and limit who has access to certain messages. In the privacy modal, you can switch between people and teams.
  • New Task Details View
    Options Additional options: Move View activity Add dependency Duplicate Download as PDF Modify properties (change the task's creator) Make private 📝 Privacy cannot be set on subtasks.
  • Setting Task and Milestone Permissions
    Task permissions: View tasks that they are included in privacy on Complete tasks assigned to them Add comments on tasks Follow tasks Set reminders on tasks Task list permissions: Generate task list report
  • Creating a Notebook
    Privacy You can choose to make the notebook visible to everyone on the project, to all members of the project from a particular company, or to individual people on the project.
  • Setting Defaults from an Existing Task
    (low, medium, high) Estimated Time - set estimated time Followers - select which people should be added as followers for tasks in the list All notifications Task changes Comments Tags - select tag(s) Privacy