Within Teamwork Projects, a milestone is a target date, representing an important moment or goal in a project such as a deliverable outcome, for example, "Product ready for testing" or "Client Onboarded."  

Once you create a milestone, you can attach it to a task list, showing the tasks you need to complete in order to reach this milestone.

Milestones can easily be identified by a diamond shaped symbol in the calendar and project chart: 

When creating a new milestone, you can give it a name, set a due date and choose who is responsible. You can also notify that user of the milestone and set reminders for when the due date is near.

You can also add a description, set privacy, add followers and tags to the milestone.

You can view existing milestones, and create new ones, in the Milestones tab of the project. You can also choose to view milestones by status.

If you hover over an existing milestone, you will see some additional options:
  • Edit - update the milestone's details
  • Delete - delete the milestone
  • Add comment - add a comment to the milestone
  • Quick view - open that specific milestone in a quick view
  • Add Tag - add a tag to the milestone
  • Attach task list - attach an existing task list from the project to the milestone, or choose to create a new task list

Note: You can attach multiple task lists to a milestone, however it's not possible to attach multiple milestones to a single task list.

For more information, see: Getting Started