Within Teamwork.com, you can easily edit existing tasks on your projects to keep details up-to-date. 

To edit a task, hover over the task to reveal the edit pencil icon to the left of the assignee avatar.

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Clicking the pencil will switch the task to edit mode where you can update any attribute by selecting the relevant tab. 

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  • Task details - you can change who is assigned to a task along with adding or amending start dates and due dates. 
    • Note: If the task has dependencies, this will also affect the dates of those tasks. 
    • Description - add updates or correct the task description. 
  • Files - add additional attachments or delete exiting files from the task. 
    • Removing a file from the task will not remove the file from the Files area on a project. 
  • Priority - add or edit an existing priority setting on a task. 
  • Progress and Time - as more work is completed on a task, you can manually update your progress bar to reflect the work done. You can also amend the task's estimated time here. 
  • Followers - add and remove followers and their corresponding notification preferences for the task. 
  • Tags - add new tags to the task or remove existing ones. You can also create brand new tags and attach them. 
  • More:
    • Dependencies - add additional dependencies or remove existing ones.
    • Repeats - choose whether the task should repeat, and set how often the repeat should occur.
    • Privacy - you can add or remove users and companies from the task privacy
      • If moving the task between private task lists, the task will take on the task list privacy. 
      • If the task is moved to a public task list, the task will retain its current privacy setting unless specifically removed. 
    • Reminders - you can update or remove an existing reminder, change the schedule, or adjust the type of reminder sent.
    • Board column - update the board column associated with the task by selecting a new board column from the dropdown menu. You can also remove a task from its existing column.
    • Custom fields - change the custom fields and corresponding values associated with the task.
      • Note: Custom fields are available on per-user Premium/Grow subscriptions and above.

It is also possible to make quick edits to certain task properties using the quick access tool bar, which will appear to the right of the task title when hovering over a task. 

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When using the quick access tool bar, you will have additional options including: 

  • Add a subtask - create new subtasks 
  • Quick view - opens a side panel of full task details 
  • Create a Teamwork Desk ticket 
  • Task options (three dots)

Note: Collaborators have limited permissions and are unable to edit task properties.   

For more information, see: Adding Tasks in List View