Within Teamwork, you can set defaults from an existing task so the properties of that task will be used as the default for all new tasks created in the task list.

If you have created a task with particular properties that you would like to set as the default properties for all new tasks on that task list, you can do it quickly from the task options menu.

Hover over the task and click the three dots on the left. From the dropdown menu, select Use as Task Default.

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This will apply the properties of that task as the task list's defaults for new tasks added in the future.

Default options

  • Assigned To - set to a particular user, or multiple people
  • Description - Add a task description
  • Followers - Select which people should be added as followers for tasks in the list
    • All notifications
    • Task Changes
    • Comments
  • Privacy - Set privacy for tasks in the list
  • Priority - Choose a priority (low, medium, high)
  • Estimated Time - Set estimated time
  • Start Date - Day 1 (Today), Day 2 (Tomorrow), through to day 365
  • Due Date - Day 1 (Today), Day 2 (Tomorrow), through to day 365
  • Tags - Select tag(s)
  • Board Columns - Choose a board column for the list's tasks