Within Teamwork.com, you can create notebooks in your projects as a way to store important project information and notes.

This article relates to a Beta version of the Notebooks editor available for some Teamwork.com accounts.

Go to the Notebooks tab of your project and click the Add a Notebook button in the top right.

Note: It is not possible to create notebooks via Markdown using this version of the Notebooks editor.

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The notebook editor will open in full screen view. You can give your notebook a title, description (optional), and add content to the main body of the notebook. You can use the editor toolbar to format text and insert items such as tables, links, images, and other content types.

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Using the notebook width toggle, you can choose whether each notebook's content should display in full or reduced width.

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At the bottom of the editor, you will see additional options:

  • Keyboard shortcuts - supported shortcuts for formatting within the editor can be viewed via the keyboard icon in the bottom left.
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  • Category - select an existing category to associate with the notebook. Depending on your permissions, there is also an option to add a new category. 

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  • Cancel - cancel the notebook creation and return to your project.
    • Note: All information currently added to the draft notebook will be lost. 
  • More options (three dots) will allow you to: 
    • Lock notebook - while locked, only you can make edits to this notebook.
    • Secure content - when enabled, the notebook contents will not be included in any emails sent to users. 
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  • Publish - create the new notebook. 
    • By default, nobody is notified of a new notebook being created.
    • By default, the notebook privacy will be open to everyone on the project.

Adding privacy to a notebook 

Once a notebook has been created, you will be navigated to the read-only view of the notebook. 

From the read only view, you will have the option to apply notebook privacy. Click the padlock icon in the top right to edit the notebook's privacy. 

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Note: By default, the privacy will be set to Everyone on this project. 

Clicking the current privacy setting will open a privacy modal where you can select specific project members, companies, and teams to include in the notebook privacy. 

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Once privacy has been enabled, the padlock icon will update to red with the selected user avatars displayed. 

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Notifying users 

From the read only view of an existing notebook, you will have the option to select users to be notified of changes going forward.

Click the bell notification icon to edit notebook notifications. By default, nobody will be notified. 

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Click the current notify setting to open the followers modal where you can select project members, companies and teams to be notified of the notebook and any future changes. 

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Once notifications have been sent, selecting the bell icon will show the users avatars that are being notified. 

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For more information, see: Editing a Notebook