Within Teamwork Desk, you can use the bulk edit options to quickly update multiple tickets, Help Docs articles, customers, or companies at once. 


You can bulk edit tickets from different ticket list views. This includes inboxes, custom views, starred inboxes, and search results.

  1. Navigate to the relevant section of your site (ex. an inbox, custom view, starred inboxes, or search results).
  2. Check the box on the left of each ticket you want to update. 
  3. Next, choose an option from the floating toolbar at the top of the list view. This toolbar appears once at least one ticket is selected.

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    1. Update ticket properties — choose a property, then select a corresponding value to apply to the tickets:
      1. Ticket status
      2. Reassign
      3. Delete
      4. Add tags to the ticket(s)
      5. Move the ticket(s) to a specific inbox
      6. Change the ticket priority
    2. Apply a manual trigger.
    3. Merge the selected tickets.
    4. Add the tickets to your ticket deck.

Help Docs

You can bulk update multiple articles when viewing the Articles list for an individual Help Docs site. 

  1. Select Help Docs from Teamwork Desk's main navigation menu.
  2. Click an existing site.
  3. Switch to the Articles tab.
  4. Select All Articles from the left navigation panel or choose an individual category.
  5. Check the box on the left of each article you want to update.
  6. Next:
    1. Update status: Click the flag icon (Image Placeholder) at the top of the list, then choose a status to apply to the selected articles (publish, unpublish, draft).
    2. Delete: Click the trash can (Image Placeholder) at the top of the list, then click Delete to confirm.

Customers and companies

From either the main Customers or Companies area, you can use the checkboxes to highlight multiple items to delete at once. 

For more information, see: Moving a Ticket to Another Inbox