Within Teamwork Desk, you can manually merge tickets together when a customer sends in separate requests.

When viewing an individual ticket, select the Merge Ticket option at the top of the ticket thread.

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A pop-up modal will open detailing other tickets received from the same customer's email address. 

Collision detection is built in to the merge modal. When attempting to merge tickets, you can see how many people are currently viewing, replying to, or adding a note to each ticket.

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Tickets that are currently under review via the Training Wheels feature cannot be merged until they have been reviewed. These tickets will still be shown in the Merge Tickets modal, but will be grayed out.

Choose the relevant ticket(s) by selecting the checkboxes to the left of the ticket titles and then click Merge tickets.

The selected tickets will then be merged into one single ticket thread on the ticket you are currently viewing. 

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An update log will also be added in the Messages thread and Activity tab detailing the IDs of the ticket(s) merged into the current ticket.

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  • Merging tickets cannot be undone.
  • Tickets being merged must be from the same customer.
  • Any drafts or replies currently being worked on in the selected ticket(s) will be lost when the tickets are merged.
  • Child tickets (created by forwarding an existing ticket) cannot be merged..

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  • Only the custom field data on the primary ticket will be retained once the tickets are merged. All other custom field information will be lost. Custom fields are available on the Premium subscription plan and above.
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  • If an agent attempts to access the URL of a ticket that has subsequently been merged into another, the URL will redirect them to the other ticket.

For more information, see: Bulk Merging Tickets