Within Teamwork Desk, you can use the ticket deck to bookmark and quickly toggle between a custom set of tickets.

Tickets added to your ticket deck are accessible via the ticket deck (Image Placeholder) icon in Teamwork Desk's main navigation menu.

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You can bulk add tickets to the ticket deck while viewing a list of tickets in one of your inboxes. Check the box on each relevant ticket's left, then click the deck icon (Image Placeholder) in the quick ticket actions toolbar.

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You can also add tickets individually via the ticket options menu. While viewing a ticket, click the options button (...) in the ticket's top right and select Add to Ticket Deck. If the ticket you are viewing is already in the ticket deck, you will instead see an option to Remove from Ticket Deck.

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Once you click the add option in either location, the ticket(s) are automatically added to your ticket deck and a ticket count will overlay the ticket deck icon. This count updates as you add and remove tickets from the ticket deck.

Click the ticket deck icon to view your bookmarked tickets.

💡 If you open the ticket deck while viewing a ticket, an option to Add this ticket to deck option is displayed at the bottom of the panel.

Clicking a ticket in the ticket deck brings you directly to that ticket.

You can quickly navigate between tickets in the ticket deck. The ticket you are currently viewing is highlighted in the ticket deck.

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Ticket deck options

  • Add this ticket to deck: When viewing an individual ticket that has not already been added to the deck, you can use this option at the top of the ticket deck.

  • Remove ticket: Hover over a ticket in the deck and click the on the ticket's right to remove it from the deck.

  • Reorder tickets: Reorder the tickets within the ticket deck by dragging and dropping tickets to a new position.
    📝 By default, tickets are placed at the bottom of the list when added to the deck.

  • Clear all: Remove all existing tickets from the ticket deck. 
  • Undo: Restore the tickets previously in the deck before you used the clear all option. 
    📝 This option will no longer be available once you add tickets to the deck again or refresh the page.
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For more information, see: Viewing Tickets