Within Teamwork Desk, you can create new tasks for your Teamwork account directly from a ticket.

When viewing a ticket, select the Tasks tab, and click the Add Task button to add the first task.

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You can also press t on your keyboard to open the add task modal, or click the three dots at the top of the ticket and select Add Task from the dropdown menu. 

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Adding a task

To add an existing task from your Teamwork site, you can copy the task ID or URL into the quick add field at the top.

In the project and task list dropdown fields, you can select from existing projects and task lists from your linked Teamwork site or create new ones.

Note: Only active and pinned task lists will be accessible in the Task List dropdown. To create a task in an already completed task list, you will need to first pin that list in Teamwork.

Once you have a project and task list selected, you can also view the tasks in that list within the Existing Task tab or quickly add multiple tasks.

To create a new task, use the New Task tab. Here, you can add a task name, assign the task to user(s) on the project, set task dates and other task options such as tags, board columns, and task custom fields.

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In the description tab of the task form, you also have some more options at the bottom of the description tab to include additional customer information with the task. Clicking one of the buttons will insert the corresponding information the end of the description.

  • Customer details - Add the customer's name, email, company, job title, and cell phone to the bottom of the task description.
  • Customer message - Include the customer's most recent reply in the task description.
  • Custom fields - Include any custom fields associated with the ticket in the task description.

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Creating a subtask

When adding a new task to a ticket, you have the option to select a parent task to associate with it.

Once you click the Select parent task option to the right of the task name field, the modal will show a list of the existing tasks in the task list. You can also use the search box to find a particular task.

Click the task you want to set as the parent, so it is highlighted, then press Select

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You can use the magnifying glass to the right of each task to open a quick view pane with the task details.

Once the parent task has been selected, you will see it noted to the right of the task name field.

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Quick add tasks 

Using the Quick Add Tasks tab, you can add multiple tasks to the ticket at once.

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The quick add tasks form can also be accessed via the ticket details pane to the right of the ticket.

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For more information, see: Quickly Adding Tasks to a Ticket