Within Teamwork Desk, you can delete one or multiple companies at once.

Note: Only site administrators can create, edit, and delete companies on your site.

When a company is deleted:

  • The associated customers and tickets will not be deleted.
  • Any relationship links to existing customers or tickets will be removed.
  • Smart inboxes - any references to the deleted company will be removed from conditions on existing smart inboxes, therefore the tickets returned based on the smart inbox conditions may change. You will need to review and update the settings of any affected smart inboxes.
  • Triggers - any references to the deleted company will be removed from the conditions on existing triggers, which can interrupt workflows. You will need to review and update the settings of any affected triggers.
  • Customer Portal - customers with permission to access company tickets in the Customer Portal will no longer be able to view the tickets previously associated with the deleted company.
Note: Deleting a company is permanent and can not be undone. 

Go to the People area at the top of your site and select the Companies subsection.

Deleting an individual company

You can delete a company from the individual company's profile view.

Select the company from the list to open the company profile, then click Edit Company in the top right.

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At the bottom of the company profile view, there is an option to delete the company.

When you click the delete option, a modal will open asking you to confirm.

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Bulk deleting companies

In the Companies area, you can quickly bulk delete multiple or all companies.

Select the the checkbox to the left of each of the companies you would like to delete.

If you have a long list of companies that runs across multiple results pages, your selection will be maintained as you navigate between the pages, allowing you to select any relevant companies. 

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To bulk select companies at once, use the checkbox in the companies list header row. When you select the checkbox, all companies on the current page of results will be selected.

You can also use the arrow to the right of the checkbox to access additional multi-select options:

  • All on this page
  • All (total count)
  • None

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The total number of companies selected will be displayed at the top of the Companies area. Click the trash can icon to delete the selected companies. 

You can also quickly clear your current selection by clicking the Clear selection option in the top right of the Companies view.

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When bulk deleting companies, you will be shown a confirmation modal after clicking the trash can. This modal will outline the number of companies to be deleted as well as warning about the implications of deleting (unlinking customers and their tickets from the company while retaining the customer profiles and tickets).

You will need to select the I understand the consequences checkbox before being able to click Yes, permanently delete to complete the process.

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For more information, see: Editing a Company