Within Teamwork Desk, you can enable private notifications to limit the contents of email notifications for tickets.

When enabled, all email notifications will omit the subject line and body of the ticket.

Note: The private notifications feature is only available on Premium and Enterprise subscription plans.

Click your profile icon in the top right of your site and select Settings from the dropdown menu.

In the settings area, go to the General tab and select Advanced Security from the left navigation menu. 

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Go to the Private notifications option in the list of advanced security settings and toggle the option on to restrict email notification contents. By default, the setting will be enabled for all inboxes.

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You can also customize the setting to only be applied to certain inboxes. Hover over the inboxes label below the toggle and click the edit pencil.

In edit mode, click the Add inboxes option to open the inboxes modal.

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You can then use the toggles to apply the private notifications setting to individual inboxes, all inboxes, or future inboxes. Once selected, click Done.

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You will then need to click Save under the setting to update your changes.

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When the Private notifications setting is enabled:

  • All email notifications will omit the subject line and body of the ticket. Instead, a generic email will be sent to the relevant:
    • Agent(s) - containing a link to the ticket within Teamwork Desk.
    • Customer - containing a link to the ticket within the Customer Portal.
  • Forwarding will be disabled for all tickets on your site.
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In order to enable private notifications, your Customer Portal must also be enabled.

  • If the Customer Portal is not enabled on the account, the toggle switch will be greyed out. If you attempt to click the toggle, you will be prompted to activate your Customer Portal.

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  • If you attempt to disable your Customer Portal while Private notifications is enabled on the account, you will see a warning message.

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  • If any of the individual inboxes you have selected to apply the Private notifications setting to are not currently enabled for the Customer Portal, you will be shown a confirmation modal that continuing will result in those inboxes automatically being enabled for the Customer Portal.

Setting a custom message for private notifications

When using the private notifications setting, you can also customize the message that should be sent instead of the ticket's body contents.

When the Private notifications setting is enabled, this is the message that will be sent to agents and customers to notify them of an update on their ticket.

Under Private notification message, hover over the message and click the edit pencil.

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A message editor area will open where you can update and format the message. Click Save to apply your changes.

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For more information, see: Managing Advanced Security Settings