Within Teamwork Desk, you can create new projects and task lists in your Teamwork.com site when adding tasks to a ticket.

🔑 Teamwork.com permissions
Your ability to create projects, task lists, or tasks via Desk tickets is dependent on your Teamwork.com permissions:

Teamwork.com must be enabled in your site settings before you can use this integration. 

Access the task form

  1. Select Tickets from Teamwork Desk's main navigation menu.
  2. Navigate to the relevant inbox.
  3. Click the relevant ticket in the list to view it.
  4. Switch to the ticket's Tasks tab.
  5. Click Add task.
    💡 You can also press t on your keyboard to open the add task modal, or click the three dots at the top of the ticket and select Add Task from the dropdown menu.

When creating a task via a ticket, you can select an existing project and task list or create new ones.

Create a project

  1. Click the project dropdown.
  2. Select Create new project.

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  3. Enter the project's name.
  4. Fill out any other (optional) project details you need:
    1. Project template: Populate the project from an existing project template. Project templates are dependent on your Teamwork.com subscription. Learn more.
    2. Description: Set a custom project description.
    3. Dates: Set the project's start and end date.
    4. In the add project modal, you will be able to give the project a name, add a description, and set start and end dates.

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  5. Click Add project to create the project and return to the ticket's task form.

Create a task list

  1. Click the task list dropdown.
  2. Select Create new task list.

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  3. Set the task list's name.
  4. Fill out any other (optional) task list details you need:
    1. Description: Set a custom task list description.
    2. Privacy: Restrict task list access to certain project members or leave open to all members.
    3. Task list template: Populate the new task list with tasks from an existing template.

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  5. Click Add task list to create the list and return to the ticket's task form.

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