Within Teamwork, you can set a user's permissions on a per-project basis.

Note: Site administrators automatically have their own default permissions so this is for all other users.

To update a user's project permissions, go to the People section of your project. Click the three dots to the right of the relevant user and select Edit project permissions.

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In the project permissions modal, you can view and edit the permissions for the user. 

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Note: You will need to press the Update button in order to save any changes you have made to the user's project permissions.


  • Access allowed - Grant the user access to the project
  • Project administrator - Make the user an administrator on the project (if this is enabled, all other permissions are automatically granted)
  • View project updates - Allow the user to view project updates.
    • Add project updates - Allow the user to add new project updates.
  • View tasks & milestones - Can this user view tasks and milestones on the project?
    • Add Milestones - Allow the user to create new milestones on the project.
    • Add Task Lists - Allow the user to create new task lists and delete existing lists on the project. 
    • View Estimated Time - Allow the user to view estimated time set on tasks.
    • Add Tasks - Allow the user to create new tasks.
      • Can Edit All Tasks - Allow the user to edit any tasks on the project, including tasks assigned to other users. If they are the creator of the task, they will always have edit permission on that task.
  • View messages & files - Can this user view the messages and files added to the project?
    • Add Messages - Allow the user to make changes to messages on the projects, including adding new ones.
    • Add Files - Allow the user to add new files to the project.
    • Note: For collaborators, the add permission for messages and files only applies to items they have created.
  • View time log - Can this user access the time area of the project?
    • Can View Other People's Time - Allow the user to see time logged by other users.
    • Can Access Billing - Give the user access to the project's Billing tab (enabling this automatically makes other people's time logs visible).
      • Note: Since invoices can be created with time logs, it is not possible to give access to the billing area without also giving them the permission to log time and to view other people's time on the project. For this reason, selecting Can access billing gives access to other people's time.
    • Can Log Time - Allow the user to log time on the project.
  • View notebooks - Can this user view the Notebooks area of the project?
    • Add Notebooks - Allow the user to create new notebooks.
  • View risk register - Can this user view the Risks area of the project?
    • Add Risks - Allow the user to create new risks.
  • View links - Can this user view links added to the project?
    • Add Links - Allow the user to create new links.
  • View People - Grant the user view-access to the People area of the project.
  • View Project Budget - Allow the user to view the project budget in the Overview.
    • Note: Users will need permission to View Time Log enabled in order to have permission to View Project Budget.
    • Manage Project Budget - Allow the user to manage the existing budget and add new ones.
  • Manage Project's Custom Fields - Allow the user to create project specific custom fields on tasks.

Note: Collaborators cannot be granted permission to manage project budget or manage project's custom fields.

Advanced options

You can also enable the Show Advanced switch here, which gives you more options for that person beyond access to the project features, such as:

  • Receive email notifications: if this option is not selected, you won't be able to select this person in the notification options for any items in the project (you will see a red 'x' next to their name).
  • Is just an observer here: if you add someone as an observer, they won't be visible to be selected in the notifications area and they won't be visible to anyone outside the owner company in the list of people in the project overview, unless they have commented on an item or have a task assigned to them.
    • Note: Only owner company users can be made observers on projects. This excludes collaborators and client users.
  • Can set privacy on items: you can deselect this to prevent someone from being able to make any items private.

Copying permissions

You can also use the Copy to Other Projects option allows you to choose a set of permissions for the user and apply them across other projects.

Note: If you select projects where the user is not already a member, they will automatically be added and the copied permissions will be applied.

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There are also some quick links at the bottom of the permissions modal:

  • Edit user details: to access the general profile settings for that person
  • Resend invite: to send a new copy of the invite with a link to log in
  • Impersonate: to view the site as that person to check their access and permissions.
    • Note: This is only available to site administrators and you cannot impersonate a site administrator)

When you are happy with the permissions that you have set here, click the Update button to go back to the people area. 

If you choose Project Administrator at the top, all other options won't be editable, as they are included automatically with the Project Administrator level of permissions. 

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For more information, see: Task Permissions