Note: This version of Teamwork Desk is no longer supported. 
Check out our help docs for the new version of Teamwork Desk here.

Within Teamwork Desk, there are several integration options available with Teamwork Projects.

Creating a task in Teamwork Projects from a Desk ticket
You can create a new Teamwork Projects task or subtask via the Tasks tab of a Desk ticket.

This allows you to include:

  • Customer contact details
  • Customer's last message
  • Custom fields associated with the ticket
  • Attachments directly from the ticket 

Viewing tickets with tasks attached
When viewing a list of tickets in an inbox, a checkmark will appear at the end of the ticket name if a task is attached. If the task is active, the checkmark  will be red. Once the task has been completed it will display green.

Logging time to Teamwork Projects from a Desk ticket
With time tracking enabled in Teamwork Desk, it is possible to mark tracked time as billable. Billable time can be logged against a project and can then be added to invoices in Teamwork Projects. 

Viewing and editing tasks from within a Desk ticket
You can view and edit the details of a task attached to a ticket without having to switch to Teamwork Projects. In the Tasks section of your ticket, clicking the task name will open the task quick view.

Reactivating tickets when a task is completed
Tickets that have an associated task will automatically be set to active when the task is completed. The ticket will return to the assigned user, allowing for any follow up that may be required.

Filtering task to only include tasks with Desk tickets attached
You can filter tasks in Teamwork Projects to only ones associated with a Desk ticket. When this filter option is selected, only tasks that are currently associated with a ticket from Desk will be displayed.

Previewing and editing tickets attached to a task
Within Teamwork Projects, you can preview and edit tickets that are associated with a task. Any task with an attached ticket will display the Teamwork Desk icon beside the task name. Selecting the Desk icon will open a summary details quick view.

Viewing a Desk ticket via a Projects email notification
When you attach a Desk ticket to a Projects task, any further task email notifications you receive from Teamwork Projects will include a direct link to the ticket. Selecting the ticket link from the email will open it in a new window.