Within Teamwork.com, you can create templates that can be used to create new task lists or populate existing ones in your projects.

Note: Only owner company site administrators or standard users with permission to manage task templates can create new task templates. Client users and collaborators cannot manage task templates.

Accessing the task template management view

At task list level

You can manage and utilize task templates directly in the Table or List area of a project.

Hover over the relevant task list and click the three dots on the right. Click the Advanced option in the dropdown menu, hover over Templates and select Manage Task Templates.

Note: Standard users with permission to manage task templates will also need to have project-level permission to add tasks enabled to see the Templates menu items at task list level.

At project level

You can also access the task template management area via the options menu (three dots) in the top right of a project's Table or List area.

Note: Owner company site administrators can also access the task template management view via the site settings.

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Creating task templates

At project level, you can create new task templates while creating new task lists on your site. In the Add Task List modal, select the Create a template option to the right of the template dropdown.

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In the Task Templates area, you can add a new template via the Add Template button in the top right.

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In the New Template modal, you can give the template a name and add any relevant notes/description in the Notes tab.

Under then Who can view this tab, you can set privacy for the template.

Note: Setting privacy on the template itself will not affect the privacy of tasks or task lists created from the template.

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Once you click Add Template, the template will be created. If you created the template while in a project, you will be redirected to the site-level Templates area.

Click the Add a task button under the template to create a task for the template.

Note: You will not see the template listed as an available template in your projects until it contains at least one task.

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In task templates, some task options behave differently:

  • Start date/due date: You cannot set a specific date for the task start and due date. Instead, choose a day number. When the template is used, the dates will be set counting from the day you use the template.
    • For example, if you set the start date for the template to Day 1 (Today), when you use the template the actual date set for the task will be the current date. If you set a template task start date to Day 5, the actual date for the task will be the current date + 4 days when you apply the template.
  • Who should do this
    • Leave the selection as Anyone to show the task unassigned when the template is used.
    • Select a specific person, team, or company for the task to be assigned to when the template is used.
    • Select multiple people, teams, or companies for the task to be assigned to when the template is used.
    • Use the Choose Later option to add a note of who should do the task. The actual assignee(s) can be chosen when the template is used on a project.

Duplicating existing templates

You can also make an additional copy of an existing template. Click the three dots to the right of the task list title and select Duplicate from the dropdown menu.

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The copied template will automatically be added to the bottom of the list of existing templates.

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