Within Teamwork Projects, you can create predefined lists of tasks that can be used to create new task lists in your projects, or added to existing task lists.

To access the Templates area, click on your profile icon in the top right corner of your site, and select 'Settings' from the dropdown menu:

Note: Only site administrators in the owner company can access the Settings area.

In the Settings area, go to the 'Templates' tab:

You will see a section for 'Task Templates' where you can click 'Edit' to view any existing templates, or add new ones:
In the main 'Task Templates' screen, you can add a new task list to use as a template using the 'Add Template' button in the top right:

When you add a new template, you can give the template a name, add any notes, and set privacy. You won't see this template listed to be used in a project until you add some tasks to it.

Note: Setting privacy does not affect the privacy of the tasks or task lists created from the template.

Adding tasks to a template

Once you have created a new template, you can add tasks just like you add them to a task list in a project. In a template though, some of the options are slightly different:

  • Start date/due date: within the task list templates you cannot set a specific date for the task start and due date. Instead, choose a number from this list and when the template is used, the dates will be set counting from the day that you're using the template (for example, if you set it as 0 then the date will be set as 'today').
  • Who should do this
    • Leave the selection as 'Anyone' to show the task unassigned when the template is used.
    • Select a specific person for the task to be assigned to when the template is used.
    • Select multiple people for the tasks to be assigned to when the template is used.
    • Use the 'Choose Later' option to add a note of who should do the task, and the actual assignee(s) can be chosen when the template is used.
You can also edit, duplicate, delete or sort the tasks in a template using the option in the menu to the left of the template name: